Simply Soupreme Launches New Roasted Red Pepper Flavor

MORRISTOWN, N.J.– Simply Soupreme recently announced that this summer, they are adding a new flavor to their lineup, Roasted Red Pepper. Featuring real, whole vegetable ingredients like roasted bell peppers, fennel and smokey paprika, the ready to drink soup delivers an elevated flavor profile.

As the winner of the New Beverage Showdown Summer 2018, Simply Soupreme cooks up plant-based soups in a convenient bottle designed to be enjoyed chilled. Their soups disrupt the long-established industry of canned soups and the newer but growing, industry of “detoxifying” cleanses. Fresh vegetables and carefully selected spices are all it takes to craft filling soups that provide the body with essential nutrition and full satisfaction.

Simply Soupreme’s newest addition features a complex flavor drawn out by simple ingredients. Aside from classic flavors such as onions and rosemary, their Roasted Red Pepper soup is brought to the next level with fresh citrus juices, honey, and smokey paprika.

Simply Soupreme’s Visionary, Founder, and head tasty innovator Jackie Greene produced the new Roasted Red Pepper flavor to answer the calls of the soups’ fans. She built up the company from a foundation of quality, trust, and a commitment to seasonal ingredients. As a motivational speaker, personal chef, and health coach, Greene innovated the product line to offer a greater variety of essential nutrition in her ready-to-drink soups.

“I started to prepare nutritional meals for people who wanted to eat healthier but couldn’t seem to find the time,” says Greene. After a hypoglycemic diagnosis, Greene found incredible results in a plant-based diet. She now shares her journey and expertise through Simply Soupreme’s soup line, dedicated to serving well-balanced approaches to health and wellness.

Their soups are high pressure processed (HPP) rather than high heat pasteurized, which is commonly held as the industry standard for preserving shelf life. Also known as Cold Pressure, the use of high-pressure processing maintains essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are easily digested by our bodies.

Simply Soupreme’s rapid expansion into retailers like New Jersey-based Kings Food Market has started to shift the conversation about ready to drink soups. By simply nudging the body with real plant-based foods, we are able to cleanse ourselves of impurities without special diet programs or rituals.

The newest addition to Simply Soupreme’s flavor lineup will be hitting shelves in early June, just in time to beat the heat. There’s no doubt that this will be the summer of Roasted Red Pepper.

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