Sol-ti Responds to Increase in Demand With Updated Employee Health Policies

SAN DIEGO– Sol-ti, a leading manufacturer of Organic, Glass Bottled, Living Beverages, has announced that they are responding to the rapid increase in demand at this time by continuing to serve the community while keeping their employee’s health as a main priority.

As part of the critical food supply chain, Sol-ti has been identified along with grocery stores, supermarkets, and other food distributors as an essential business to remain open by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Sol-ti is excited to step up with a sense of duty and honor to serve more Living Beverages in response to the rapid increase in demand at this time,” says Rob Paladino, President. The safety of every employee is a priority. We are providing our team members with all the responsible guidance and tools to protect the health of their family, co-workers, and themselves. Our Production Plant and Operations Team are in good spirits and are excited about this opportunity to serve health in a bottle to more humans.”

In order to reduce exhaustive shifts, Sol-ti has decreased their shifts by 2 hours to help promote a healthy balance between work and home and emphasizing the importance of sleep to their Team. Sol-ti has also increased allowances of free product to hourly production employees by $5,000 annually to ensure the Team is consuming more Living Beverages for well-being benefits of immunity, energy, positivity, and health.

Beyond the focus of keeping employees shining their brightest, Sol-ti has increased hourly pay for production plant employees by 15%+. They have also increased the holistic healthcare benefits for each hourly employee by more than $1,200 annually. These combined benefits increase base compensation value for all team members by more than $10,000+ annually.

Sol-ti continues to be an employee owned and operated company. Their team participates and benefits from enterprise value creation and appreciation as they have contractual ownership and an appreciating asset through their Membership Units in Sol-ti.

“Without our distributors and retailers, we would not be able to serve as many consumers nationwide,” says Ryne O’Donnell, Founder. “We appreciate our partners and express our gratitude for their assistance in contributing to the availability of Sol-ti on the shelf.”

“We continue to be financially responsible at this time with a healthy balance sheet, credit, and equity resources available to us. We will continue to source local produce as well as adapting to triple our supply chain. Some elements in our supply chain require time to ramp up – which we have invested considerable capital to continue to fulfill our orders. These elements include extraordinary freight expenses such as air freighting raw materials to expedite them so that we can fulfill customer orders on time. Our material suppliers have granted us access to rapidly increasing purchase orders from us for which we are extremely grateful. We are stopping at nothing to ensure business continuity,” says O’Donnell. “The Sales Team has stopped air travel, but they are not limiting the time in retail stores to support our partners and distribution partners so that we can ensure the shelves are as fully stocked as possible at all times.”

Sol-ti has plans to continue production at a rapid rate and will continue to operate unless it is not humanly possible to fulfill orders. From a standpoint of serving others and financial stability and strength in the company, Sol-ti is honored to be in this position. They are producing more bottles than ever in their history, and they will continue to send Sol-ti out to distributors and retail partners as fast as they can.

Keeping immunity up is of paramount importance with or without viruses going around, and Sol-ti will continue to supply a variety of immunity and superfood Living Beverages. Sol-ti contains ingredients that boost immune function and are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral by nature, however they make no claims that their products cure viruses or disease.

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About Sol-ti

Sol-ti is built on a passion for healthy living and sustainability. Our portfolio offers revolutionary UV Light Filtered™, Best in Glass®, Living Beverages, ensuring they are never heat pasteurized. Available at an accessible price point, each beverage is an alchemy of fresh ingredients with very real benefits for well-being. Rich in biophotons and Charged with Light™, our products deliver energy, positivity and health unlike any other beverage on the market. We each have an inner light. At Sol-ti, we encourage you to shine your brightest with Living Beverages.

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