Tulua Functional Shots Launches New Branding and Packaging

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.– Ginger Shots, Inc announced that they have officially changed their company name to Tulua®, to reflect their rebranding of the company’s premium line of functional superfood shots. Along with the name change is a new website: drinktulua.com.

As a category innovator and leader, the company has been actively expanding beyond their original Ginger Shots product line by adding Probiotic Shots and Vitality Shots over the past year. The rebranding has harmonized all of the company’s functional shots under the Tulua® brand. All Tulua® shots remain USDA Certified-Organic, kosher, preservative and additive free, made with the highest quality ingredients, and High Pressure Processed (HPP) to maintain nutrients.

As the new Tulua® brand appears on shelves, so will new packaging with greater visibility of the contents, an easy-to-open cap, and an exciting new high-impact label design. “We wanted consumers to be able to clearly see our actual cold-pressed organic juices,” says CEO Zeyad Moussa. “Quality is of critical importance to us and we want people to see that what they’re getting in one of our ginger shots, for example, is a fistful of pressed ginger juice. This is especially important as we see similar offerings that contain water, extracts, powders or flavorings instead of cold-pressed juices. The new label design combines high-impact graphics with key product features and benefits.”

The company’s original Ginger Shots product line launched in 2016. In early 2019, Tulua® launched two new organic product lines: Probiotic Shots and Vitality Shots. The new Probiotic Shots each feature one billion CFU of a premium probiotic, as well as cold-pressed functional ingredients and juices in four different blends (Tart Cherry, Blueberry Lemon, Apple Cinnamon, and Turmeric). The new Vitality Shots are available in two varieties (Turmeric Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar), with each featuring a highly beneficial, consumer-preferred ingredient.

Tulua® is one of the first companies to bring a wide range of functional superfood shots to the national level. “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get the benefits from fresh, high quality functional ingredients like ginger, turmeric and probiotics,” says CEO Zeyad Moussa. “A lot of these ingredients are difficult to work with, and we want to eliminate the hassle.”

Distribution of Tulua® products has consistently expanded beyond their original Southern California market and are now available at many leading natural, conventional, and mass market retailers across the US, as well as at select corporate dining facilities, airports, and online e-commerce retailers.

About Tulua

Tulua®, formerly Ginger Shots, is a privately-held company that began in 2015. All of their products are manufactured in and shipped from their state-of-the-art facility in Huntington Beach, CA. Tulua® is dedicated to developing lines of organic and natural wellness products with simple, straightforward ingredients and functional benefits. Visit drinktulua.com or @DrinkTulua on social media.