Brew Dr. Unveils New Bottle Design

Brew Dr. introduces a new bottle design that makes drinking their kombucha even more enjoyable. From resealable caps to a thinner bottle wall and friendly messages from their mascot Otis the Sloth, Brew Dr. continues to marry creativity and sustainability with their products.

While many glass bottles are made overseas, for the last two years Brew Dr. has made the intentional decision to have their bottles crafted in the U.S. – this continues to remain true with the new bottle design hitting stores nationwide, this month. Brew Dr.’s chosen manufacturer uses up to 20% recycled glass in production, and with Brew Dr.’s encouragement, looks to increase that amount in coming years. The new slimmer bottle design not only fits the hand (and cup holders) better, but results in a reduced shipping weight of 700 pounds per truckload. Lighter truckloads equal lower carbon emissions, which is a constant focus for the team at Brew Dr.

In addition to the new bottle shape and style, Brew Dr. has moved forward with a new cap to provide customers with a better way to reseal their beverage. The chosen cap for the new bottle is made of lightweight recyclable aluminum. It is larger in size than the previous cap style, but actually weighs less, and provides a much better resealability. The new Brew Dr. cap uses a non-PVC liner material that is recognized as the safest option for use with bottled beverages. The team decided to go this route as recent scientific studies revealed that cap-liner materials have been developed that are better than others at limiting exposure to toxins found in plastics. Not only is the new cap a better option for the planet and great for on-the-go moments, but the inside of each cap features friendly messages from the Brew Dr. mascot himself, Otis the sloth.

Brew Dr. has been a certified B Corp since 2018, as well as a member of 1% for the Planet, and continues to make changes to better the world and support its community. From sustainable farming to educating the next generation about the world around them, Brew Dr. is proud to support suppliers and nonprofits that support the planet. The company directly donates 1% of all sales of its Uplift Yerba Mate and Love Kombucha products to a growing group of non-profit partners. More information on how Brew Dr. is using their beverage creations as a force for good can be found on their  values page.

About Brew Dr.:

Brew Dr. creates high quality beverages that explore the potential of tea, from organic raw kombucha to naturally energizing yerba mate. In 2008, Founder Matt Thomas began brewing kombucha in the kitchen of his teahouse in Portland, Oregon. From leaf to bottle, the company takes inspiration from its heritage in tea, making deliciously refreshing authentic kombucha with a difference you can taste. Brew Dr. is helping people discover how good tea-based beverages can be, referring not only to its quality approach, but to the company’s commitment to its communities, its people, and the planet. Brew Dr. Kombucha is proud to be the first national kombucha company to become both carbon neutral and a certified B-corporation.

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