Cannabis-Infused Lift Seltzer Launches In San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Offering a refreshingly new type of buzz in an honest, low-calorie microdosed beverage, Lift Seltzer proudly announces its launch in San Diego.

As a microdosed cannabis seltzer, Lift provides a light lift, similar to a beer or glass of wine, but without the alcohol. Each Lift Seltzer contains 2mg THC & 6mg CBD, which allows for quick, uplifting, social buzz. They are available in three flavors: Blackberry, Grapefruit, and Pineapple.

“With our seltzers, you can have one or a few and still be in control,” says Mark Thever, Lift Seltzer Founder & CEO. “Whether you’re going out, celebrating, socializing, or just hanging out, you drive the experience and set your own pace.”

Lift Seltzers are crafted in California and made with just 5 simple ingredients – including a touch of organic agave nectar, natural flavors, and quality California cannabis. With just 30 calories or less per serving and no hangover, it’s a refreshing alternative to alcohol.

“Our goal is not just to help you have a good time, but for you to feel good about what you’re drinking,” continued Thever.

Lift Seltzer has partnered with Torrey Holistics in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley for a regional first-look as of July 22nd. The products are now available at Torrey Holistics and are sold in 4-packs. In addition to in-store shopping, Torrey Holistics offers delivery and curbside pickup.


At Lift, we think it’s high time to rethink your drink. Whether you’re looking for a hangover-free alternative to alcohol or a more controllable cannabis experience, Lift Seltzer offers a refreshingly new type of buzz. With only 2mg THC + 6mg CBD, our microdosed beverages kick in quickly and let you set your own pace, meaning they’re sessionable enough to have a few and stay social. And with 30 calories or less and 5 honest ingredients, this is one drink you can feel good about.

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