Cruise Beverages Launches Nitro-Infused CBD Craft Drink

CHICAGO, Ill. — Chicago-based startup Cruise Beverages are giving liquor lovers a sensational alternative with their tantalizing line of Nitro Infused CBD Craft Beverages.

Touted as the purest, all-natural, nitro infused CBD Craft beverages in the world, Cruise Beverages accomplishes what many CBD beverages on the market do not. The nitro infusion produces a rich, silky texture and creamy foam head, coupled with a tinge of CBD and delightful flavors such as mango, pear, lemon and orange. These highly functional beverages provide an alternative to alcohol and are designed to improve focus and help people manage stress and anxiety. All this without the unwanted effects of a hangover or a sugar rush.

Brimming with 12 ounces of natural goodness, Cruise Beverages contains 25 mg of CBD, organic green bean caffeine and natural fruit extracts. The beverages do not contain any sugars, and offers just 5 calories per can. This makes Cruise Beverages the ideal “pick me up” following a hectic workout or a long day at work.

Co-Founders Greg Kaminski and Brian Post are the masterminds behind the Cruise Beverages. Kaminski boasts over 10 years’ experience as a Chief Research Chef for Synergy Flavors and has developed hundreds of beverages for major brands worldwide. When asked about their motivation for creating Cruise Beverages Post explained “Daily life is very stressful. We wanted to give consumers a premium functional craft beverage, as an alternative to alcohol drinks. Our nitro infused CBD craft beverages give the consumer a boost of energy, help increase focus, while reducing stress.”

Already consumers are raving about CBD Beverages. One customer, Eric, said “I went out on a limb to try this product. It’s very natural tasting compared to other carbonated drinks on the market. I personally prefer Nitro carbonation over CO2, as it is very smooth. This is a very balanced drink with no jitters. I’ve experienced very consistent levels of calm.”

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