Honeydrop, Inc. Launches Equity Crowd Funding Platform with StartEngine

Malibu, Calif. – Honeydrop, the original cold pressed lemonade offering consumers the health benefits of raw honey, is changing the way early-stage companies do business, with equity crowd-funding platform StartEngine. Honeydrop’s agreement with StartEngine enables everyday people to become angel investors by giving them access to a startup investment opportunity, which in turn strengthens their relationship with the brand. At a time when many businesses are scaling back, Honeydrop is on a path of growth with additional products set to launch this spring as well as various charitable partnerships already in motion for 2021.

The consumer has always been at the forefront of Honeydrop’s business strategy, and the decision to bring an investment opportunity to the Honeydrop customer was a natural next step. Honeydrop CEO, Andy Lorig says, “Equity Crowdfunding has completely changed the game for consumer brands. StartEngine gives us the ability to keep up with surging consumer demand while responsibly growing our business to scale. Additionally, it allows us to give our loyal customers, brand advocates and partners, as well as the general community, the chance to take an ownership stake in the brand and potentially profit from the company’s long-term success.” With the ability to transform the average consumer into an investor, StartEngine has quickly become an established industry leader and a viable alternative source of capital for small businesses.

Howard Marks, StartEngine Co-Founder and CEO says, “When people believe in a company so much that they choose to invest in it, they have a personal stake in its success. In turn, they are more loyal to the brand and tend to spend more money than non-shareholders. The future has spoken. Shareholders have become a critical part of building and growing a great business, not only through investment, but also by adding considerable value to a company over its entire lifespan.”

In addition to the roll out of their agreement with StartEngine, Honeydrop plans to launch beauty and wellness products this spring and continues to support their charitable initiative Save the Bees and Life Camp, a community-led gun violence intervention and prevention organization based in Queens, N.Y.

About Honeydrop, Inc.

Honeydrop is a fun, active lifestyle brand made with the highest quality ingredients with the goal of supporting your healthy lifestyle while trying to leave the planet a better place than how we found it. Honeydrop’s cold-pressed lemonades are never heated, made with just a drop of raw honey, and contain just 4g of sugar & 16 calories per bottle. Our fresh pressed lemons provide Vitamin C in every bottle while our functional ingredients like Turmeric, Passionfruit, Lavender all provide added benefits. Additionally, we support our most important partner, the bee population, by providing funds from every bottle purchased to build new beehives in an effort to fight colony collapse disorder.

About StartEngine

StartEngine has been in the equity crowdfunding business since the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) enacted Title II of the JOBS Act in June 2015, which allowed everyday people from the US and around the world to invest in small US businesses through public crowdfunding campaigns. StartEngine launched its’ first equity crowdfunding campaign in 2015 and specializes in Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+.

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