MTN DEW Launches Two New Baja Blast Flavors, A Baja Room Spray Collection And New Merch

Drink It, Win it, Smell it, Wear It; MTN DEW Unleashes a Summer of Baja

This summer, MTN DEW answers pleas from fans everywhere with a surge of tropical Baja goodness, including two new flavors and a chance at daily rewards and a grand prize giveaway, keeping the party going, all summer long.

Drink It

Not only is the original Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar coming back to stores, but this time, it’s also joined by two new flavors and a frozen delight:

  • Baja Flash delivers the flavor you love with a tropical kick of pineapple and coconut
  • Baja Punch is a twist of punch with hints of orange, cherry and pineapple

Plus, stop by Taco Bell for an exciting new frozen experience in the form of the Baja Colada Freeze, a frozen slushy drink featuring the unique taste of Baja Blast blended with smooth, sweet tropical cream. It’s like a Piña Colada met a Baja Blast and found a whole new way to Baja

But why stop there?

Win It

MTN DEW is committed to making this a summer to remember by kicking off 100 Days of Baja, which will offer DEW Nation daily rewards for a full 100 days via, culminating in a $100,000 grand prize giveaway.

Smell It

Plus, for a limited time and only available on the DEW Store, later this June, MTN DEW is debuting its first-ever room spray collection, Baja Island: Summer Room Scents by MTN DEW, featuring three scents inspired by Baja Blast, Flash and Punch. The collection offers a uniquely DEW sensory experience, transporting fans to Baja Island and surrounding them with the scintillating scents of a Baja Summer.

Wear It

But it wouldn’t be a true Baja Summer without some merch. Not only will fans be able to taste and smell Baja, they’ll also be able to wear it. Taco Bell is dropping an exclusive apparel line inspired by the new Baja Colada Freeze and designed by streetwear and sneaker brand, BAIT. The drop will be coming soon, exclusively on the NTWRK app.

Drink It, Win it, Smell it, Wear It – Baja Blast is set to take over the summer with a one-of-a-kind, immersive lifestyle experience.

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