Nirvana Group Launches Cannabis Beverage Line

Nirvana Group, one of the premier diversified cannabis companies in Oklahoma, is kicking it up a notch this summer by launching a new beverage line, Liquid Leaf, across the state.

“Oklahoma has the largest medical market in the country, and we’re thrilled to introduce innovative new products to the community,” said Nirvana Group CEO Arshad “Adam” Lasi. “Nirvana Group’s newest initiatives, within both the product development and retail sectors, epitomizes our growth, the overall roll we play as an intrinsic part of the future of the marketplace in Oklahoma and our plans for expansion beyond state lines.”

Liquid Leaf Cannabis Beverages

Formulated by food and cannabis industry veterans and Liquid Leaf Partners Ethan Morries and Deidra Blossom, Oklahoma natives who oversee production at Providence, Inc. – Nirvana Group’s 3000 square foot processing facility with a commercial kitchen – Nirvana Group’s Liquid Leaf is a line of cannabis-infused beverages designed to maximize flavor and bioavailability. Unlike many THC-infused beverages, Liquid Leaf ingredients are seamlessly blended and do not separate (which results in a weed-like flavor), but instead provide a delightfully crisp taste that you would crave in any top-quality juice drink. There are currently three flavors available:

–       Fruit Punch (100 MG THC)

–       Golden Pineapple (100 MG THC)

–       Grape (100 MG THC)

New flavors and formulations are in development, including 1000mg THC drinks, carbonated sodas, and seltzers.

Liquid Leaf products are now available in dispensaries across Oklahoma, including Nirvana’s locations.

About Nirvana Group

Founded, owned, and operated by the Lasi family, Nirvana Group has blossomed into one of the largest and most rapidly growing vertically integrated cannabis companies in Oklahoma. Their operations include a 30-acre cultivation and extraction facility, Eden Cannabis Farms Inc.; Providence Ventures Inc., a 3,000 square foot processing facility featuring extraction and distillation capabilities, as well as a commercial kitchen to produce beverages and edibles; Nirvana Distribution, a 10,000 sq ft warehouse that is one the largest Smoke Shop, Glass, Paper, Vaporizer, and Packaging distributors in Oklahoma, servicing more than 500 dispensaries for their ancillary products; and Argent Cannabis Distribution, the only cannabis cash & carry concept in Oklahoma and the wholesale distribution company for Nirvana Group’s diverse portfolio of cannabis brands, which range from vapes to pre-rolls to edibles and beverages to concentrates on more. Argent Cannabis Distribution is headquartered in a 10,000 square foot facility; they work with more than 30 brands and are home to nearly 1,000 SKUs. Nirvana Group also owns an ever-expanding list of dispensaries.

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