Recoup Wellness Relaunches Ginger-Powered Hydration and Health Drink

NEW YORK, NY – Recoup Wellness is reimagining the way we look at hydration with the launch of their newly formulated and redesigned ginger-powered recovery and wellness drink. Centered on the healing superpowers of the ginger root, each bottle of Recoup contains two teaspoons of organic pressed ginger, the same amount scientifically proven to alleviate muscle soreness post work-out, help reduce nausea, aid digestion and boost immunity.

Stemming from their own health and wellness journeys, co-founders Siwat Siengsanaoh and Susan Buckwalter developed Recoup as an alternative to the sugar-filled drinks on the market. Containing no processed sugar and only a small amount of organic wildflower honey, Recoup’s good-for-you ingredients help speed up hydration and recovery from daily exercise. Using sustainably harvested organic maple tree water which has been shown to hydrate twice as fast as regular water and contains electrolytes including calcium, iron and potassium, Recoup is a healthier option to put the nutrients you need back in your body.

“I had 10 surgeries by the time I was 12 years old and, in an effort to support my recovery, my mother created a variety of ginger-based home remedies,” said Siwat Siengsanaoh, Recoup co-founder. “The power that ginger had in my recovery is what led me on this journey to develop a better hydrating alternative packed with ingredients that will make an impact in every consumer’s wellness journey.”

Since its development, Recoup has become a fast favorite among fitness enthusiasts and influencers looking to replenish fluid levels post-workout in order to improve flexibility and prevent muscle soreness. Susan Buckwalter, Recoup co-founder and avid athlete said, “I feel most connected to my body after a workout and the idea of fueling it with a sugary sports drink has always felt like a disservice to my wellness goals. Recoup offers wellness-minded people the opportunity to refuel and recover with nourishing, natural ingredients. Our mission is to help people feel better and live well.”

Recoup uses fresh, never-from-concentrate juice to add nutrients and delicious flavor to their recipes and comes in three flavor combinations – Watermelon + Blood Orange + Ginger, Cucumber + Lemon + Ginger and Pineapple + Coconut + Ginger. Available at select stores and, a variety pack is available for $29.50.

About Recoup

Recoup is certified minority and female-founded company producing an all-natural, ginger-powered beverage for post-workout recovery and daily wellness.  We use clean ingredients: nothing artificial, no processed sugar. Every bottle has two tsp of pressed organic ginger, the amount clinically proven to support muscle recovery, digestion and immunity. It is available in three delicious flavors, Watermelon + Blood Orange, Pineapple + Coconut, and Cucumber + Lemon.

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