Shimmerwood Beverages Distributing CBD Seltzer to Rhode Island On-Premise Bars & Restaurants

Shimmerwood Beverages is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Newport Specialty Foods in Rhode Island.

“We have been looking for hip, unique beverage offerings that our customer base of restaurants, specialty bars, hotels, caterers and home shopping users could buy as a refreshing beverage, mixer or add on to their cocktail menus, The Shimmerwood product is one of the best tasting sparkling CBD drinks we’ve been able to find,” said Kathy Ryan, Owner of Newport Specialty Foods. “Shimmer Seltzer tastes good, is light on calories and provides 5 mg of Full Spectrum CBD. We think our customers will love it!”

Newport Specialty Foods distributes to restaurants and wholesale customers in R.I. They offer specialty foods, curated Specialty Food Gift Bags, and other novel go-to-market food and beverage options.

“We see specialty providers like Newport Specialty Foods as another great way to separate Shimmerwood Beverages from our competitors. Our product doubles as a great mixer for restaurant bars. After all they are flavored with bitters and shrubs,” said Tibor Mascari, Director of New Product Development for Shimmerwood Beverages.

“We currently provide recommended cocktail and mocktail recipe cards in our mail delivered orders,” said Josh Ahadian Director of Marketing for Shimmerwood Beverages. “We see these recipe cards as a nice complement to empower restaurants and bartenders with exciting new alcoholic and nonalcoholic craft CBD-infused mixes.”

Shimmerwood Beverages and Newport Specialty Food plan to have inventory in place within the next week.

Shimmerwood Beverages is a Maine company.

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