Tribucha Introduces SuperB Functional Soda At Publix This Month

Raleigh, NC –  Tribucha, makers of a natural channel-leading kombucha brand of the same name, announced the arrival of SuperB by Tribucha, a new line of shelf stable functional sodas rich in probiotics and postbiotics supporting digestive health in a refreshing new way. Made with only organic ingredients, brewed with delicious flavors, SuperB (pronounced /soo-per-b/) is a veritable super beverage, formulated with special living cultures grown for Tribucha through a patented process; these cultures eliminate the natural sugars in the liquid present prior to fermentation. The net result is a pure, superb-ly flavored carbonated beverage with zero grams of sugar, zero carbohydrates and zero calories, uniquely positioning SuperB as a holistically better-for-you choice on the traditionally sugary, additive-laden soft drink spectrum.

Selected for its soda redefining potential, SuperB will be entering the CSD set of select Publix Super Markets throughout the Southeast later this month. Publix is the first retailer to carry SuperB; the launch comes at a time when consumers nationwide have demonstrated a thirst for a new generation of sparkling beverages that check all the right boxes – clean labels without artificial ingredients, high nutritional value without empty calories, and brilliant flavors for everyday refreshment. With high marks in each of these areas, Tribucha is in talks with other leading natural and conventional grocery chains about plans to launch SuperB in the months to come.

“We are excited to get health-conscious shoppers back to center store with a tasty new soft drink consumers will embrace for bringing the nutritional value and next-level drinkability without the usual high caloric junk,” said Tribucha Co-Founder, Adrian Larrea. “With our flagship kombucha we’ve witnessed first-hand in the refrigerated sections of stores the pent-up demand that exists for cleaner drinks with health benefits. SuperB changes the game. We now have a shelf-stable product that can sit alongside the usual soda suspects, but that brings real nutritional value along with the deliciousness we all expect. Publix can now merchandise in the soda aisle a newcomer in SuperB that is loaded with biotics and other beneficial organic ingredients, but without the sugar and artificial ingredients we’re all looking to cut out of our diets.”

SuperB is rich in probiotics and postbiotics; all nutrients are naturally occurring through Tribucha’s painstaking fermentation process. SuperB is never diluted or pasteurized and is made without adding any flavors, juices, or sweeteners post-fermentation. True to its soda redefining mission, the new line is caffeine-free in addition to being sugar-free and carb-free.

Available at select Publix locations for $2.79 per 12-ounce aluminum can, SuperB comes in four fabulous introductory flavors: Blood Orange Mango, Dragonfruit Lemonade, Blueberry Ginger and Raspberry Pomegranate.

About Tribucha

Founded by best childhood friends seeking to be a force for better, Tribucha is a vehicle for delivering liquid goodness to the world. We sincerely believe cleaner, healthier ingredients brewed with care and mindful awareness are infused with refreshing positive energy. Inspired by the meticulous brewing processes of the best craft beers, Tribucha’s small batch brewed beverages deliver the perfect balance of flavor and function. Each and every can of Tribucha Kombucha and SuperB Functional Soda is consciously crafted with 100% organic ingredients. No additives. No artificial anything. Ever.