Woke Up! Plant Based Energy Shot Rebrands And Announces New Distribution Partnership

Woke Up! Energy Shot, a new plant-based energy shot made with herbs, mushrooms, and vitamins, has officially partnered with food and beverage veteran Mr. Checkout gaining access to their established network of 61,000 stores for additional nationwide distribution. This major distribution deal comes on the heels of Woke Up!’s rebrand which highlights the growing plant-based trend, now reflected on their green-colored packaging.

Woke Up! Energy Shot, based in Tampa, FL, launched retail, vending, and online distribution earlier in 2021 with their all natural, plant-based caffeine shot which boasts zero sugar and a proprietary formula packed with herbs, healthy mushrooms, amino acids, and immunity-boosting vitamins. The shot comes in an organic berry flavor, ready-to-go in a 1.93 fluid ounce bottle equal in caffeine to one and a half cups of coffee.

The Mr. Checkout distribution deal enables Woke Up! Energy Shot to access the distributor’s 61,000-store network across America. Mr. Checkout has been in business since 1989 (with a recent shoutout on ABC’s Shark Tank), and specializes in servicing grab-and-go food and beverage locations ideal Woke Up! Energy Shot.

“With the future of food and beverage clearly being plant-based, we are excited to access thousands of stores where consumers are seeking healthier options for their energy needs,” commented Dilan Jay, CEO and product creator.

Statistics show that the plant-based trend is skyrocketing. The latest report by the Plant Based Foods Association from 2020 shows an 80% increase in plant-based food item sales, bringing the plant-based market value up to $7 billion [1]. Moreover, research from Kerry Research shows that 82% of people will pay more for a cleaner label product, with consumer interest in adaptogens (prime ingredients in Woke Up!) alone growing 55% in 2020 [2,3].

To obtain samples or pricing for Woke Up! Energy Shot, contact National Sales Director Winston Seymour at 727-218-3415 or winston@wokeupenergyshot.com.

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