BENDT Distilling Co. Releases BENDT No. 5 American Blended Whiskey

LEWISVILLE, Texas– BENDT Distilling Co., formerly Witherspoon Distillery, has announced the launch of its new BENDT No. 5 American Blended Whiskey, the first-ever blend of five distinct small batch Texas whiskeys distilled, aged individually and blended together under one roof in Lewisville, Texas.

BENDT No. 5 American Blended Whiskey bends and weaves Bourbon, Rye, Malt, Wheat, and Light whiskeys to create a smooth, perfectly balanced blend that captures the essence of each whiskey’s finest characteristics. Exhibiting a well-rounded flavor profile, BENDT No. 5 is an all-grain blend that appeals to a wide range of whiskey drinkers seeking a smooth, flavorful and balanced hand-crafted whiskey.

As one of the few female distillery founders and whiskey blenders in the United States, BENDT Distilling Co. co-founder Natasha DeHart is elevating the category of blended whiskey beyond neutral or flavored whiskey-based spirits.

“We see American Blended Whiskey as the next frontier in the craft whiskey space. With BENDT No. 5, we’ve made 5 beautiful and individually distinct whiskeys, then blended them to highlight each of their most outstanding characteristics, creating an American blend that together, is even greater than the sum of its parts.”

BENDT No. 5 American Blended Whiskey has an MSRP of $24.99 per 750mL bottle. It is currently available for purchase throughout Texas at Total Wine & More, Goody Goody Liquor, and Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, and is distributed by Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits. For additional information, visit