CANTEEN Sparkling Vodka Soda Announces Launch

AUSTIN, Texas— Serial beverage innovators from Austin, Texas are making moves once again. Founders Brandon Cason (Waterloo Sparkling Water & Deep Eddy Vodka), Daniel Barnes (Waterloo Sparkling Water & Treaty Oak Distilling) and Caroline Fabacher are excited to unveil CANTEEN, a sparkling vodka soda lineup made with all-natural flavors but without sugar (0 grams), carbs (0 grams), or sodium (0 grams). Better still, each can contains only 99 calories. CANTEEN will be a driver in the “ready to drink” (“RTD”) category as it looks to launch at a $12.99 retail price point which is a clear value to consumers.

Launching this Fall, CANTEEN is a 5% ABV beverage in the convenience of a standard 12 oz. can that delivers a premium, fresh taste without the nutritional facts consumers want to avoid. The debut line up of all-American flavors will include Black Cherry, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Lime, and Cucumber Mint. Sold in 6-packs, CANTEEN will hit stores this fall, just in time for tailgate season.

CANTEEN’s route to market strategy has been developed by industry veteran Marc Donati, who has already garnered national distribution coverage with the nation’s largest distributor network, Republic National Distributing Co.

“RNDC has unmatched market strength, and their ability to execute will certainly help to drive this brand to success,” said Donati.

CANTEEN is also aligning with the biggest co-manufacturer of canned products in the United States. With these go-to-market wins already under its belt, CANTEEN is poised to capture a meaningful piece of the ever-changing alcohol category quickly. With the hard seltzer category growing at such an exponential rate, CANTEEN looks to extend the value to consumers by offering a premium vodka alternative at a price that is more in line with traditional sugar or malt-based seltzers.

Danny Brager, SVP at Nielsen said, “RTD Cocktails (Spirits) have become one of the fastest growing segments of the entire Spirits category. Products that appeal to shifts in broader consumer trends are in a strong position to succeed – trends including portability and convenience in packaging such as Cans, appealing and tasty flavors, and a growing segment of consumers actively seeking greater “Health and Wellness”qualities in what they eat and drink.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have had the level of early enthusiasm for the brand from our partners. We look forward to growing CANTEEN quickly as consumers are looking for new, refreshing alternatives,” said co-founder and CEO Brandon Cason.

CANTEEN is positioning itself as the premium choice for the on-the-go consumer with the tagline “Wherever YOUR Adventure Takes You.”

With years of flavor development experience under their belts, the CANTEEN team painstakingly built each flavor using only premium, natural flavor elements from trusted sources to create a world-class product.

“This is the highest quality, best-tasting canned cocktail on the market and, above all, it doesn’t rely on sugar or high-carb juices to achieve the desired taste profile,” said co-founder Daniel Barnes.

“More than ever consumers are seeking ‘better-for-you’ options that don’t compromise on taste or quality,” said co-founder Caroline Fabacher. “They’ll find that CANTEEN delivers on all fronts and is competitively priced to make sure it’s invited to every occasion,” she added.

CANTEEN has already begun to build out its sales and marketing force with industry experts both in and out of the spirits category. Open roles currently being interviewed for include sales and marketing positions in the South, West, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest regions.