Jel Sert Launches Premium Alcoholic Freezer Bar Brand SLIQ

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. – Adult Fla-Vor-Ice and Otter Pops fans will rejoice this summer as The Jel Sert Company announced the launch of SLIQ Spirited Ice, a new premium alcoholic freezer bar poised to revolutionize mixology on ice, literally. The world’s leading manufacturer of freezer bars, responsible for producing billions of bars each year, has evolved its product line for the 21+ crowd and set out to define a new category of alcohol that plays off the popularity and success of ready-to-drink and hard seltzer beverages.

When it comes to spirits, SLIQ won’t play favorites. The brand will ensure there’s something for everyone by launching with three premium spirits including, Vodka, Agave, and Rum, each infused with elevated flavors and a super smooth sorbet-like texture. The full flavor line-up includes:

  • Vodka infused Spirited Ice in Lemonade, Cranberry & Grapefruit, and Blue Raspberry
  • Agave infused Spirited Ice in Classic Margarita, Strawberry Margarita, and Mango Margarita