Symrise offers Symlife Salt as cost effective flavorful 50 percent reduced salt alternative

Teterboro, NJ, January 6, 2009 – “SymLife Salt™ effectively addresses salt reduction, the medical imperative that is challenging the food industry to reduce by half the amount of added salt in processed and restaurant foods,” said Thomas Barry, Vice President Savory Business Unit, Symrise Flavor & Nutrition North America.

Mr. Barry explained, “The most current generation of SymLife Salt™ further improves the effectiveness of this high performing product, which was already serving to create less salt-laden foods and beverages. This improved product demonstrates that we are living up to our mission of ‘.always inspiring more’. That’s something our customers will recognize in our flavor development and product applications specialists who are available to work with them to create custom formulations that will not compromise the flavor profiles that consumers are looking for in healthier, lower sodium products.”

Suited to a wide range of applications

Eileen Simons, Director, Applications, Symrise’s Savory Business Unit, Flavor & Nutrition Division, N.A., reported that SymLife Salt™ natural savory and salt enhancers provide a complete clean label, non-intrusive flavor solution which delivers the desired amount of saltiness. “In our applications laboratories, SymLife Salt™ has achieved high performance in a wide range of formulations, including soups, sauces, meat and poultry and snack seasonings. It is retort, freeze-thaw and shelf stable and performs well, even under rigorous processing conditions,” she said.

Ms Simons stated, “SymLife Salt™ effectively overcomes the sodium reduction challenges of KCL, masking agents and flavor enhancing technologies and can provide up to 50% sodium reduction while maintaining the salty perception. It provides the natural flavor, clean label, neutral flavor profile that consumers prefer in a wide range of savory products.” She added, “With SymLife Salt™, we overcame technological challenges to create a flavor solution that delivers the upfront bite, mouthfeel and lingering effects that make the tastes of savory products so appealing. We were able to balance total flavor, potentiate sweetness and provide the salivation that is associated with savory foods that consumers crave.”

SymLife Salt™, part of Symrise Taste for Life

“SymLife Salt™ is a key element of Symrise’s Taste for Life® platform which focuses on health and wellness,” Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President Marketing & Sensory Consumer Science, and Symrise Flavor & Nutrition North America said. The platform is comprised of Lighten Up™, Be Natural™ and Get Active™, representing flavors for foods lower in sugar, salt and fat; the widest range of natural flavors for authentic tastes and clean labels; and vital new flavors with no off-tastes for functional foods.

Ms Simons referred to the American Health Association’s 2003 challenge to the food industry to reduce added salt in processed and restaurant foods by 50% within 10 years starting from that date. “We fully understand that you don’t need to have high blood pressure to be concerned about salt intake. By reducing the amount of sodium in your food, you may help to combat the potential dangers of high blood pressure and heart disease that are believed to result from a high sodium diet.”

Over the last several years, guidelines have demonstrably reduced what was once thought to be a safe level of sodium intake. By today’s standards, consumers are urged to ingest no more than 1,200 milligrams per day of sodium intake, down from the whopping 2,400 milligrams that was once believed to be safe.

“More and more consumers are aware of the benefits of a lower sodium diet, and they are searching supermarket shelves for products that offer them reduced salt products with uncompromised good taste,” concluded Mr. Laroche.