GELITA presented a new and powerful agent for healthy joints at IFT

Degenerative joint diseases that ultimately lead to osteoarthritis considerably reduce the quality of life of sufferers. FORTIGEL® specifically stimulates cartilage cells and enhances the synthesis of cartilage tissue. In this way, FORTIGEL® is a new and powerful agent for counteracting the progressive loss of joint cartilage by actually fighting the cause rather than only targeting the symptoms of the problem. After simple pain-killers and chondroitin/glucosamine, which at best only affect 25% of the cartilage, FORTIGEL® could well be called “The Third Generation of Joint Care.”

This revolutionary effect of FORTIGEL® has been confirmed in numerous international preclinical and clinical studies conducted by independent and renowned research institutes, such as the Collagen Research Institute (CRI), Kiel, Germany and Harvard

University and Tufts University, both near Boston.

To demonstrate how easily FORTIGEL® can be formulated in a wide range of products from liquid or solid dietary supplements to enriched foods, GELITA provided a number of prototypes and application concepts for tasting at IFT in Anaheim.

For its exemplary achievements in the promotion of consumer health, GELITA has won the Frost & Sullivan Ingredient of The Year Award 2008 with FORTIGEL®.

Innovative, if unconventional, ideas are important

GELITA develops new, sometimes unconventional, product ideas for its customers. For this, GELITA has a creative and capable R&D and Product Development team, always craving new challenges.