Selerant Condenses PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Implementation with Cream of Benefit Results

NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ — Selerant ( announces a significant move forward for small to mid-sized food and beverage corporations.

“Our twentieth anniversary is more than a date. It is a culmination of knowledge that can be seen in DevEXe,” explains Selerant CEO, Carlo Colombo. “Up to this point, many of these smaller to mid sized corporations had little to no real choices of managing their product lifecycle. DevEXe is a critical advancement, allowing them to take advantage of our expertise in a fully functional PLM solution, with our insight represented in a set of pre-configurations including workflow templates, reports, and guidelines.”

Utilizing their 20-year expertise, Selerant built the configurations to condense the traditional implementation timeframe 40-70%.

“We have implemented several solutions over our past 20 years,” states Colombo. “While we vigilantly protect the proprietary information of each of our clients, there is a best of breed practice we see at each of our Food and Beverage customers. This insight is what we build into DevEX as a whole and is what we now pass on in the form of configurations for an express implementation.”

DevEXe is the pre-configured express implementation that expands into DevEX. Once implemented, authorized team members can utilize one of four seamlessly integrated modules: Product Development, Regulatory Compliance, Innovation Process Management, and Product Data Management.

About Selerant

Founded in 1990, Selerant Corporation focuses solely on formula-based product development software to expedite time to market, ensure quality and regulatory compliance, improve product quality, and build lasting relationships with their customers.

Earning the prestigious ISO-9001: 2000 certification for best practices, as well as successfully achieving FDA 21CFR PART II compliance implementation, Selerant provides exceptional service and solutions for over 500 companies and global mid-sized organizations. With a global presence and over 300 cumulative years of experience, Selerant offers unique expertise to serve leaders in process manufacturing industries, including: Food, Beverage, Flavor, Chemicals, Paint, Ink, Fragrance, Household Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics.