CapSnap Equipment Debuts Efficient System for HOD water bottlers

CapSnap Equipment, the Jackson, MI based manufacturer of customizable water bottling equipment has announced the development of a new non-contact, flow metered bottle filling system. This system is designed to be a more efficient, versatile and accurate option for HOD water bottlers.

The standard filling method used by CapSnap Equipment and much of the rest of the water bottling industry is a pressure filling system in which a drop tube is inserted into the bottle and a seal is made on the bottle top. This seal contains an air/water relief port to allow air trapped in the bottle to escape during the filling process. Bottlers attempt to fill the bottles with the correct amount of water by dispensing water at a known flow rate, then timing the actual filling process. This typically allows bottlers to fill at a high speeds, but with low accuracy.

This pressure filling system has several drawbacks that can reduce the efficiency of the bottling process. First, the timing method used to fill the bottles with the correct amount of water is inaccurate, resulting in bottles that are over or under filled. It is not uncommon for bottlers to have to add additional water manually to ensure that bottles are filled to the correct level.

The other main issue with this filling system concerns the drop tube used in the process. Because the tube and the contact seal are touching the neck of the bottle, there is a danger of bacterial contamination. If the drop tube is not kept adequately clean, bacteria can develop in the filler and bottles that are run through it are in danger of becoming contaminated. Likewise, if a contaminated bottle is put through a clean filler, there is a high likelihood of cross contamination to other bottles.

To correct these issues and create a more efficient filling process, CapSnap Equipment has recently developed the non-contact, flow metered filling system. As implied in the name, this system does not directly contact the bottle. An external nozzle positioned above the bottle top sprays water down into the bottle. This method eliminates the danger of bacterial contamination as well as preventing air from being trapped in the bottle.

To control the amount of water put into the bottle, the system uses turbine flow meters (NSF approved) to determine the amount of water put out by the filler much more accurately (±1%) than is possible with a pressure filling system. The bottler no longer has to worry about manually filling under filled bottles or wasted water due to overfilling. The flow meter rate can also be changed from the main control panel of the machine, allowing bottlers to quickly and easily alter their process to run different size bottles. The system also does away with the overflow recovery system that is required in a pressure fill set up. This reduces cost due to less moving parts and less cleaning stops. Besides the turbine flow meters, CapSnap also offers the option of mag-flow meters or Coriolis flow meters, which give a greater degree of accuracy.

The non-contact, flow metered filling system can be easily integrated into an existing bottling process, making it simple and affordable for bottlers to upgrade their current equipment.

The non-contact, flow metered filling system is the perfect solution for the HOD bottler looking to conserve water, get a more accurate fill in their bottles, or add a one-way, large bottle filling line to their roster.