Virginia Dare Presented New Tea Flavors at IFT Chicago 2010

Virginia Dare featured trendy new flavors, varieties of vanilla, various masking flavors and assorted teas in the Virginia Dare Garden of Flavors during the 2010 IFT Expo. Green peach and maqui grapefruit beverages were on the menu.

Trendy new flavors were enjoyed in refreshing ready-to-drink teas. Nectarine jasmine green tea and black currant raspberry black tea were on the menu.  Made from tea leaves sourced from around the world, Virginia Dare tea concentrates are offered in black, green, Assam, oolong, and white as well as herbal fruit and true-to-fruit flavors.

The most delicate aromatics and complex, full-bodied flavor profiles were experienced in delicious vanilla tea beverages.  Blood orange vanilla cream, and mangosteen vanilla orchid beverages were on the menu.  Vanilla flavors, extracts, concentrates and oleoresins are made from beans from every commercially viable origin.

Peach honey rooibos, and berry black tea pectin candiesmade with sweetener / sugar alternatives demonstrated Virginia Dare masking capabilities.