Boreal Water Collection Will Become The Exclusive Bottler for Athlade Sports Water 500

NEW YORK, NY—August 4, 2010 – Boreal Water Collection, Inc. (Other OTC: BRWC.PK) is pleased to inform our shareholders that we have entered into an agreement to be the exclusive bottler for Athlade Sports Water 500.

Boreal Water Collection Inc.'s newly appointed VP of Business Development Michael Gambino announced today that the company has scheduled its first production run of Athlade Sports Water 360 for August 6th. Mr. Gambino stated, “We are very pleased to be involved with progressive thinking companies like Athlade. We knew right from the start that our companies share the same core values and a common goal- To deliver high quality packaging of a high quality product.” Athlade is available in two sizes, Sport Water 360, 20oz sport cap and Sport Water 500, 33.8 oz. Gambino added, “In such a highly competitive space, our customers first come to us because they want to be unique, and I believe the team at Athlade has accomplished that.” Boreal Water is a full service provider of private labeled bottled water programs.

Athlade, LLC. Headquartered in Somers New York is aggressively expanding distribution of Athlade Sport Water 500 & 360 with its proprietary blend of electrolytes focused on health conscious consumers that seek 100% all natural electrolyte hydration on the level of popular sports drinks without the negatives. Athlade Sport Water 500 contains zero calories, zero sodium, zero sugar, and boasts 500mg/L of electrolytes to ensure fast, effective and maximum electrolyte hydration without compromise to your waist line. Co-founders Ken Kurtz and Dr. Louis Fierro each have over 20+ years experience in their respective fields of beverage and health. “We are extremely proud and excited about the launch of Athlade Sport Water 500 & 360. We have partnered with world-class companies in creating our unique product. Boreal allows us the room to grow our expanding business with a professional team that delivers on quality and takes pride in the finished product.