Emerson Industrial Automation Supports the Water Footprint Network with System Plast® Brand of Products

??Florence, KY (June 21, 2011) — Emerson Industrial Automation has joined the Water Footprint Network as a partner in the organization. The Water Footprint Network is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. The organization’s mission is to promote the transition towards sustainable, fair, efficient use of fresh water resources through increased awareness of how the consumption of goods and services and production chains relate to water use and its impact on fresh water systems. The WFN has partners from around the globe. They include Coca Cola, U.S.; C & A, Germany; Am Bev, Brazil; Barilla, Italy and Unilever, UK.

Today there is a shortage of fresh water in many parts of the globe. In developing countries about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. Clean, safe water is a cornerstone of socio-economic growth.

Lack of fresh water can impact the ability for a region or country to provide food. Some examples of water footprints include; beef – 15,500 liters of water per KG of beef; corn – 900 liters of water per KG of corn; rice – 3,400 liters of water per KG of rice and 2,400 liters of water for one hamburger.

“As a company that sells globally, we need to understand how we can impact sustainability in both our operations and the operations and supply chain of our customers”. Jeff Himes, Sr. Product Manager – System Plast.

Mike Suter, Vice President of Marketing, Power Transmission Solutions, noted; “Our customers have asked for help in reducing water usage. By joining the WFN we provide support to their global effort while gaining the ability to access new technical information and participate in the development of water research and policy agendas”.

Emerson Industrial Automation produces System Plast conveying chain and components that aid in water user reduction in the beverage industry. These include System Plast conveying components used in the food and beverage industries and SealMaster, Morse, McGill and Browning brands used in the food, beverage, food processing and packaging industries.

Through innovation and technology leadership, Emerson is driving new products that help reduce coal use, protect water systems and convert food waste to electricity.

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