Purac Launches First Online Calculating Tool for Beverage Formulators

September 29, 2011 – Purac introduces an innovative online calculating tool, the Purac® Beverage Fortification Calculator. This tool has been developed to assist R&D teams in formulating stable calcium fortified beverages, saving valuable time and resources.

The beverage industry is highly innovative; speed-to-market of new products is of high importance to maintain or increase market share. This poses a significant challenge to product developers, as formulating and testing for product stability are time-consuming and expensive. One of the increasingly popular options for product differentiation is calcium fortification of beverages.

When developing calcium fortified beverages, preventing precipitation is one of the main concerns. Precipitation occurs when the dissolved calcium reacts with (for example) citric acid, forming insoluble calcium citrate. It results in an undesired quality defects (such as sandy mouthfeel) of the beverage, and can occur throughout the entire product shelf life.

“Using the Purac Beverage Fortification Calculator saves significant time and resources during the development of calcium fortified beverages” says Hans Schinck, Category Manager Taste & Nutrition at Purac. “This tool, available at www.purac.com/calculators, quickly and accurately calculates whether precipitation will occur. It increases the user’s R&D efficiency by reducing lab time and stability studies.”

Purac has been supplying the beverage industry for decades, aiding beverage formulators around the world overcoming issues such as precipitation. Purac offers a range of fortification products for the beverage industry for diverse applications such as orange juice and soy milk products. The range of fortification solutions includes calcium salts and other mineral salts e.g. magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium, each delivering its own unique health benefits to consumers.

Purac is continuously strengthening its leading position by providing innovative solutions and strong, local application support to the industry.