PureCircle Expands Portfolio with New Stevia Sweetener Capable of Greater Calorie Reduction

Chicago, IL  (September 15, 2011) – PureCircle, the world’s leading producer and marketer of high purity stevia products, announces the launch of a new proprietary breakthrough stevia sweetener, under the trade name Alpha. The new sweetener is ideal for companies seeking deeper calorie reductions in their products.

Alpha is a natural fit within the PureCircle product portfolio as a 100% natural, high purity stevia sweetener. It consists of a proprietary combination of steviol glycosides developed as a solution for products seeking 50-100% calorie reductions. Following extensive sensory and application development work in PureCircle’s Global Application Center in Illinois, marked improvements were identified versus existing stevia sweeteners on the market. In particular, its composition allows for a more rounded sweetness and less bitterness at higher sugar replacement levels.

Dr. Sidd Purkayastha, Vice President Global Technical Development & Support said, “Alpha clearly has an important role to play among our existing portfolio. It is ideal for deeper calorie reductions. With Alpha we are discovering opportunities to improve everything from teas, to juices and dairy products, to flavoured waters and carbonated soft drinks.”

Jason Hecker, Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation for PureCircle added, “In a very short period of time we have greatly expanded our offering from a single sweetener, Reb A, to a portfolio of solutions, including SG95, NSF-02 and now Alpha. Each ingredient continues to play a very important role. However, like never before, PureCircle is in a position to help customers find just the right stevia solution or combination of solutions, to meet their needs.”

Alpha meets JECFA specifications and is available immediately for use in global food and beverage products in all markets that follow JECFA, including the EU, which is expected to be approved this year.


About PureCircle

PureCircle (www.purecircle.com) is the global leader in the production of high purity stevia products. PureCircle is leading the industry with the development of a strong sustainable natural supply chain. Stevia is now being grown for PureCircle in more than 15 countries across South America, Africa, Asia, and the United States; it provides a sustainable cash crop for rural farming communities in each region. As part of its leadership of the stevia industry, PureCircle has pioneered the industry trust mark Stevia PureCircle® that educates consumers about the benefits of Stevia and provides a strong base of trust for both consumers and Food & Beverage companies alike. PureCircle’s global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. PureCircle shares are traded on the LSE AIM index. More Information: Allison Mikita Communications and Nutrition Specialist PureCircle Limited (866) 960-8242 Allison.Mikita@purecircle.com