WILD Flavors Unveils Nutraceutical Vegetable Line

Vegeceuticals™ Raises Bar on Great Tasting Vegetable Extracts

Erlanger, KY (October 27, 2011)– WILD Flavors, Inc. (WILD) is excited to present their newest innovation: Vegeceuticals™.  Through ground-breaking proprietary extraction technology, Vegeceuticals™ delivers the healthy halo of vegetables to a wide range of food and beverages, without having to consume the vegetable itself.

“WILD’s Vegeceuticals™ deliver key phytonutrients of vegetables, going above and beyond a typical serving of veggies. Vegeceuticals™ are nutraceuticals from vegetables that are clean tasting and soluble for a variety of food and beverage applications.  CAP-e, in vitro testing, takes our Vegeceuticals™ to the next level to demonstrate efficacy” adds Heather Biehl, WILD Manager, H.I.T.S®.

Vegeceuticals™ currently include two varieties: a red and orange blend, both available in liquid and dry form.  WILD’s orange Vegeceuticals™ extract blend provides beta-carotene from carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, paprika (from chili peppers) and Reishi mushroom.  Red Vegeceuticals™ is an extract blend providing anthocyanins from purple sweet potato, purple maize, purple carrot, beet, rhubarb, tomato, and red cabbage.

Vegeceuticals™ allow for vegetable extract content in a wide variety of applications:

Enhanced Waters      Teas                                        Carbonated Drinks               Snacks

Juices                          Dry Beverage Mixes           Confections                            Bakery            

Functional Drinks      Smoothies                              Sauces/Dressings                  Yogurts

Frozen Desserts         Nutritional Bars

Vegeceuticals™ is the answer to products targeted to conscious eating and vegetable nutrition.  Recent trends show consumer focus towards a healthier lifestyle, and WILD’s Vegeceuticals™ line allows for the capability to capture profits of the ever-growing U.S. functional foods market.

About WILD Flavors, Inc.   

WILD Flavors, Inc., headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, is one of the world’s leading privately?owned manufacturers of natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. WILD Flavors provides specific flavors, colors, and ingredients as well as innovative and great tasting concepts through application expertise and technological advancements. For more information about WILD Flavors, please visit: www.wildflavors.com.