Comax Flavors 2013 Trend Predictions: Consumers Want Their Flavors Dialed Up

December 27, 2012 (Melville NY) – Consumer taste is currently demanding more flavor in foods and beverages – and in response to these demands and the resultant emerging trends, Comax Flavors introduces their flavor predictions for 2013. Based upon insights from and the expertise of their Culinary Trends Exchange (CTE), these new flavor profiles reflect food and beverage trends that will be emerging in the New Year – and showing up on shelves, menus and kitchens with nationwide impact.

The most telling trend is toward intensity and experimentation, boldness and clout. What that means is unusual pairings, unpredictable and unlikely combinations that deliver enhanced mouthfeel and more impactful flavor ‘pop’, while delivering artisanal / heirloom/ homegrown quality and uniqueness. With this demand for new, bolder, gutsier flavors and innovative, experimental taste combinations, Comax Flavors sees a definite new wave of tastes, flavors, and combinations close on the horizon.

After assessing key societal shifts and taking the pulse of all these burgeoning trends, Comax Flavors presents a flavor list that meets these exciting and new challenges. The flavors chosen fit into specific categories with proprietary names: Herb Appeal, Duets, and A Smooth Finish.

Herb Appeal uses herbs in concert with fruits to give a sweet, punchy flavor lift. This category is composed of the harmony of sweet and spicy. These flavors include:

•     Peach Basil Black Tea

•     Peppered Apple Bacon

•     Chili Ginger Lime

•     Cardamom Pear Berry


Duets balances two delicious tastes into one memorable flavor experience. These are fusions of flavors from different lands and generations. Yet they each combine warmth and sweetness – an irresistible combination in any culture. This group includes:

•     Butterscotch Coffee Crunch

•    Maple Bitters

•    Dolce de Leche Buttered Rum

•   Flan de Nuez


A Smooth Finish consists of flavors that add a sweet ‘pop’ and satisfying mouthfeel to just about everything; smoothing spirits, cream desserts and the wildest beverages, this taste grouping includes:

•   Pistachio Almond Cream

•   Pink Cherry Marshmallow

•   Black Russian Cappuccino

•   Dark Chocolate Bourbon Truffle

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About Comax Flavors

Comax Flavors was founded in 1977 and remains today a family-run company. Comax is a major innovator in flavor and aroma chemical technologies, using vertical integration to effectively manage all the critical steps in the development process. From its considerable investment in R&D to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Comax is ideally positioned to help its clients differentiate and distinguish themselves from their competitive environments with a wide variety of taste-appealing, cost-effective flavor solutions – solutions that specifically address the interests and desires of today’s health- and value-conscious consumers.