Natural Colour Solutions by Doehler: Red Brilliance

New red hues expand colour portfolio from 100% natural sources

Doehler (Döhler) expands its portfolio of natural colours by Red Brilliance, a range of shining red hues. The colouring concentrates are produced from the black carrot in Doehler’s own plant in Akkent, Turkey. The globally active producer, marketer and supplier of technology-based ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions turns its attention to the constantly increasing demand for colours from natural sources. The colour range covers warm orange hues to shining ruby hues all the way to shades of blues. All colours meet the requirements of Clean Labeling and can be used in many food and beverage applications.

Achieving colour brilliance, naturalness and stability was the objective during the development of the new red hues made from the black carrot. Why? Never before has the variety of foods and beverages been as great as it is today. The colour of a product is often the key to success. Not only does the colour play an important role in the purchasing decision, so does the naturalness. The challenge for natural colours: constant quality, stability and long-term availability. “Thanks to using state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to optimise the physical processing of the black carrot. The colouring concentrates gained from this processing are by far superior to other colours containing anthocyanin in terms of stability and cost-in-use. And even the colour spectrum that can be derived from this raw material meets the demands of the market in an optimal way. The colour shadings range from warm tones all the way to powerful, cool or subtle hues. Our colour concentrates are free of sulphur dioxide,” says Christian Benetka, Senior Product Manager Colours, of the DoehlerGroup.

Secured availability and quality through vertical integration

Doehler has signed numerous agreements regarding the cultivation in Turkey in order to ensure access to consistent qualities of the black carrot. The processing of the black carrot is done in Doehler’s own, state-of-the-art production site in Akkent, Turkey. “This is an important reason why we can deliver standardised qualities. We control the entire value added chain: From researching and selection of the optimal seeds, to the cultivation and harvesting all the way to processing into a colouring concentrate for customer-specific food and beverage applications. Through our integrated  product portfolio and many years of application experience, we know how the colours react in combination with other ingredients. This is a vital requirement in achieving the highest-possible stability in the finished product”, explains Benetka.

Along with colours made from the black carrot, Doehler also supplies a wide range of natural colours for foods and beverages.

About Doehler:

The DoehlerGroup ( is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Doehler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio ranging from flavours and emulsions, natural colours and health ingredients, compounds, fruit preparations, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage bases, dairy bases, malt and cereal bases, sweetening systems to fruit and vegetable juices, purees, concentrates and blends is the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications.

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Doehler has 19 production and 21 application centres, 50 sales offices and sales activities in over 130 countries. More than 2,700 dedicated employees provide our customers with fully integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.

“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” briefly describes Doehler’s holistic and strategic approach to innovation. This comprises market intelligence, trend monitoring, the development of innovative products and product applications, advice on food safety and microbiology, food law as well as sensory & consumer science.