Rousselot to Present Peptan Collagen Peptides and Functional Gelatine Solutions at SupplySide West

Rousselot, booth 22071, SupplySide West, Las Vegas, 12-16 November 2013

Son, Netherlands – 07 October 2013 – Global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, Rousselot®, will be showcasing its portfolio of functional food ingredients at this year’s SupplySide West. The company will highlight the latest developments in its innovative Peptan® collagen peptide range, which will be available to sample in two exciting applications, as well as its line of gelatine-based solutions. Visitors to the booth can also learn more about how Rousselot’s dynamic products can help manufacturers formulate options with important functional benefits.

At the show, Rousselot will present Peptan, its award-winning collagen peptides range. High quality sources of protein, Peptan are natural, highly digestible and bioactive ingredients. Produced using a precise enzymatic hydrolysis process, the ingredients provide various unique biofunctional properties not found in other protein sources. Peptan collagen peptides are also taste-, color- and odor-free, making them the optimum solution for innovative products with added value and appeal. These include functional foods and drinks, dietary supplements, protein bars, powders and gummies.

Peptan’s nutritional efficacy is supported by a growing body of research. It has a proven ability to rejuvenate skin collagen structure, for example, as shown in numerous clinical studies. Extensive research has also shown that Peptan benefits mobility and can promote healthy bones, joints and muscles.  The most cutting-edge research to support these findings will be presented at the show.

Visitors can sample Peptan in two exciting formulations. The first, Peptabs, are lemon-flavored effervescent tablets with added Peptan to deliver skin health benefits and support bone and joint health and muscle mass maintenance. Also available will be a butternut squash soup fortified with Peptan for a protein boost, which can preserve muscle mass and bone health.

Rousselot has recently been awarded the 2013 global product line strategy leadership award in the collagen peptide market by Frost and Sullivan for its unrivalled product offer, extensive customer support and proven efficacy of the Peptan range.

Rousselot’s market-leading gelatines will also be demonstrated. These gelatines are recognized for their versatility and functional benefits, including exceptional gelling, foaming, emulsifying and binding properties. Additional characteristics, including their unique ability to be heated from gel to liquid repeatedly without significant changes, enable manufacturers to unlock a wide range of exciting functionalities across various applications. Rousselot will highlight the specific benefits of its gelatines in dairy, desserts, confectionery, snacks and meat-based applications, for example.

Additionally, Global Product Manager for Peptan, Mai Nygaard, will present new data which supports Peptan benefits for joint and bone health at the VendorWorks Program. The event will take place at 10.30 am on November 14.