Two New Albion Human Nutrition Ingredients Receive GRAS Approval

CLEARFIELD, Utah — Albion Human Nutrition announced the addition of two self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients to its existing line of patented amino acid chelates. Calci-K and DiMagnesium Malate both received GRAS affirmation from an independent panel of experts after a rigorous scientific review. The affirmation will be of great benefit to Albion partners that maintain Good Manufacturing Practices.

“Both Calci-K and DiMagnesium Malate have been studied extensively by Albion for their bioavailability with very positive results,” said Max Motyka, Director of Sales and Marketing at Albion. “Receiving self-affirmed GRAS status is a great accomplishment for Albion in broadening the scope of application for these ingredients.”

Calci-K is a complex that consists of calcium, potassium and phosphorous that is specifically designed for use in fortification of liquid food products. And, DiMagnesium Malate is a highly bioavailable form of magnesium.

About Albion Minerals

Albion Human Nutrition is the premier manufacturer of “Six Stage Chelates”; patented organic mineral amino acid chelates used in human nutrition products worldwide. Building a better mineral since 1956, Albion has applied its extensive library of research to offer a more effective, bioavailable and easily tolerated mineral for its solution providers.