Closure Systems International Showcases Next Generation of Caps


Closure Systems International (CSI) designs and manufactures closures and the capping equipment that applies those closures in customer bottling plants. This combination uniquely positions CSI to offer high performing, integrated closure and capping solutions, including expert technical services. These integrated solutions help customers reduce their total cost of operations while delivering packaging that delights consumers and helps build brands.

CSI’s broad portfolio of closures and capping equipment serves many different industries, including carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, sports drinks, teas, adult beverages, liquid dairy products, foods, and automotive fluids. Many of CSI’s latest products are being highlighted at a number of events this Fall, including Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, USA, Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, Germany and the Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2014 in Singapore. Below are several examples of CSI closure and capping solutions being show-cased.

CSI is highlighting its custom closure capabilities by displaying a number of closures developed to meet the special needs of select customers in the food, beverage and spirits markets. CSI partners with customers and uses a disciplined innovation process to deliver closure and packaging solutions with advanced decoration and functionality. These custom solutions help brand owners differentiate their products, enhance consumer satisfaction and provide eye-catching shelf impact.

In addition to CSI’s custom offerings, CSI continues to develop next generation closure solutions that offer advanced performance and environmental sustainability for all customers within a given market. Weighing less than two grams, Omni mini XP 28mm is a perfect example. This cap is believed to be the lightest, high performance carbonated soft drink closure available in the marketplace today, while still meeting or exceeding stringent global customer performance protocols. Despite its ultra light weight, Omni mini XP is engineered to enhance capping application performance, which results in lower defect rates and higher productivity. It also has best-in-class CO2 performance and improved impact performance, ensuring freshness and protecting customer brand integrity.

Sports-Lok APC is another example of a cap designed with brand marketability and operational efficiency in mind. CSI’s Sports-Lok APC 28mm closures meet the demands of today’s highly mobile, on-the-go consumers while being compatible with filling applications that benefit bottlers. This lightweight, push-pull sports cap is suitable for aseptic, nitrogen-pressurized and lightly carbonated applications. Sports-Lok APC closures combine the convenience and safety features that consumers desire with the quality, value and application performance that bottlers expect.

Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU is a new 38mm closure that is also very versatile. This “universal” light-weight closure design securely seals both PET and HDPE bottles with varying bottle finish wall thicknesses, making it ideal for hot-filled, non-carbonated beverages as well as cold / aseptic liquid dairy products. Extra-Lok V 38mm ODU’s advanced design is 18%+ lighter than competitive two-piece 38mm closures and offers energy-saving, no-steam application for improved capping efficiency, while providing consistent, easy-to-open removal torques.

In addition to CSI’s portfolio of lined closures, CSI offers one-piece closures for hot-fill and aseptically-filled beverages. HF-Lok V 38mm & 33mm are one-piece, lightweight closures for hot-filled non-carbonated beverages that not only provide economic and environmental benefits but also provide advanced band break before seal release tamper evidence and smart venting for consumer safety and product security.

CSI’s new Asepti-Lok V 38mm 3S LF is a one-piece, lightweight, 3-start closure for aseptically-filled beverages. It is compatible with wet and dry sterilization methods for aseptically-filled juices, nectars, sport drinks, and ready-to-drink teas. Asepti-Lok V 38mm 3S LF’s lubrication-free design provides consumer-friendly removal torques without the risk of lube being washed away during the sterilization process. This closure also has excellent venting properties built into the design for anti-blow-off protection, yielding a safer opening experience for consumers.

For bottled water and other still beverages, CSI has introduced a new taller cap called Aqua-Lok mini 26mm TC. This closure provides more grip area for ease of opening by consumers of all ages, while still being compatible with the ultra short-height 1914 PET bottle finish. Aqua-Lok mini 26mm TC provides the perfect combination of bottler savings and consumer satisfaction.

In addition to CSI’s portfolio of lightweight closures, Closure Systems International’s capping equipment and expert technical services are key to helping customers optimize their total cost of operations. For example, CSI’s new Series 900T Capping Machines are designed for reliability, low maintenance, and flexibility. The machines’ high performance allows bottlers to apply plastic closures for a wide variety of applications at the highest possible speeds and its stainless steel construction and industrial hygienic design makes maintenance quick and trouble-free.

CSI produces 90+ billion closures annually and employs approximately 3,400 people worldwide. The company has 28 manufacturing sites in 21 countries and operates five global technology centers. Closure Systems International is part of Reynolds Packaging Group, an operating division of Rank Group Limited. For more information, visit