Invento Americas Introduces PET Beverage Can

Invento Americas logoCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Invento Americas brings a new patented technology that combines the advantages of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and aluminum cans to create an innovative and unique clear PET beverage can, originally developed in Europe. The US first saw aluminum cans hit the market in 1960[1].  Now, more than 50 years later, with more than 100 billion cans sold each year in the US[2] and consumers wanting to see their thirst-quenching beverages before consumption, industry veterans, Marty Brown and William Brandell bring a new technology with Invento Americas, which offers consumers the transparent can they have desired without requiring any major adjustments to the standard, existing aluminum can filling lines.

With production originating in Poland in 2012, the clear, PET beverage can delivers an easy-to-use, transparent alternative to aluminum cans for brands primarily including those who produce soft drinks, carbonated waters, energy drinks, and brightly colored beverages.  Invento Americas offers pre-labeled containers with pressure sensitive labels that can be easily dropped into any preexisting can filling lines with minimal adjustments.

“With Invento technology we’ve truly found a way to set ourselves apart in the packaging industry by catering to the growing beverage categories including the sparkling drinks and the health and energy beverages,” said Brown, who, along with Brandell, have a combined 38 years of industry experience, expertise, and leadership. “We’re offering brands an innovative packaging technology that delivers visibility of the liquid with the storage advantages of an aluminum can, as well as a variety of economic customization options.”

Available with both the standard 200 and 202 diameter aluminum ends, the Invento technology utilizes seaming rather than the dated blow molding technology. Ready-made options include 250 ml, 325 ml, 330 ml, 12oz, 350 ml, 375 ml, 16oz, and 500 ml sizes; Invento Americas also offers extremely economical customization of shapes, colors, embossing and debossing.  The new PET cans hold any type of beverage, with a can strength for internal pressure of up to 90 PSI. 

About Invento Americas

Brought to the US market by beverage industry veterans, Marty Brown and William Brandell, Invento Americas offers the beverage packaging industry a groundbreaking technology with a clear advantage.  The new clear, PET beverage cans feature a transparent body with an aluminum can lid in ready-made 250 ml, 325 ml, 330 ml, 12oz, 350 ml, 375 ml, 16oz, and 500 ml sizes, as well as unique customizable shapes.  Invento Americas is based in Colorado Springs, CO and is servicing the beverage packaging industry nationwide.

For further information, visit Invento Americas website at For ordering inquiries, contact Marty Brown at (714) 271-8727 For media-related inquiries, contact Alexis Roberts of ChristieCommunications at (805) 969-3744 or