SeelectTea and Natures Flavors Announces New Brand Content Strategist

NaturesFlavorsLogoORANGE, Calif. — Nature’s Flavors, the leading Natural Flavoring E-Commerce company, announced today the appointment of former Saban Entertainment and Fox Family Channel executive, Lance H. Robbins as the company brand content strategist who will report directly to founder and CEO Bill Sabo.
Mr. Robbins will utilize his expertise in television production and marketing to develop, produce and create original content and consult on digital and broadcast marketing initiatives for Nature’s Flavors growing portfolio of natural, organic consumer and B2B products, which include flavor extracts for baked goods, organic coffee, syrups, the popular sugar-free ‘Birdie and Bill’s Soda’, ‘Select Tea’, ‘Nature-Lax’, and ‘for Linda Baking Mixes.’
“Mr. Robbins brings to Nature’s Flavors his experience and vision for creating robust, innovative and entertaining content that plays across multi-digital and social media platforms,” said Sabo. “His success as a producer of numerous movies, television series, and brand integrated webseries that have generated millions of views will help us capitalize on our growth and momentum, deepening customer engagement and loyalty that should translate into measurable business results.”
“I look forward to working with Bill and his management team to increase consumer awareness of Nature’s Flavors unique personality and expertise as a supplier of fully organic, healthy, and all natural products,” said Robbins.  “The success in becoming a popular content brand is providing trusted insight and information to customers, but with a point of view and storytelling that can be fun, sharp, engaging, relevant, viral and which represents a brand’s values and voice. I am confident that we can accomplish that goal.”
Nature’s Flavors is in an excellent position to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, as consumers become more aware of the health consequences that come with sugar-heavy sodas and baked goods. Products associated with words like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are getting more attention, and that must come through in a brand’s marketing.  “We are more than just a company that puts flavors in a bottle,” said Sabo. “Our content will show families ways they can lead healthier lifestyles by using our sugar-free, organic and natural ingredients in their daily lives, and that actually taste delicious.”
The Flavor Guy, who created Newport Flavors 35 years ago in his garage, which later expanded to Nature’s Flavors as a successful ECommerce sitehas become an incredibly successful entrepreneur. His vast knowledge of flavors has garnered him acclaim throughout the food and beverage industry, and earned him the nickname, The Flavor Guy.
The Sabo family are not only committed to providing natural, great tasting alternatives for the consumer, but for use in their personal lives as well. The Flavor Guy created his great tasting sugar-free sodas after a life changing heart attack that was caused from the over-consumption of processed sugars. At the same time, Bill’s wife Linda was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, which inspired the creation of healthy gluten-free baking mixes. Together they truly understand the struggles of having to change their diets, but they have seen the benefits it has brought their lives. “We are excited to have someone like Lance on board to help us communicate this journey we took to our consumers, and to inspire other families to join in on making healthier lifestyle choices”, said The Flavor Guy.
Nature’s Flavors and its subsidiaries have been consistently producing innovative natural flavors and products over its 35 year history. The company currently offers over 8,000 products on their website,, and sells to businesses and consumers alike. Their ‘Birdie and Bill’s Soda’ has shown tremendous growth in it’s first year, and it is currently one of the fastest selling sugar-free sodas throughout Canada. Nature’s Flavors recently closed two deals to further expand its soda distribution in the US, being picked up by the two leading natural product distributors in North America – UNFI and KeHE.
Lance H. Robbins is the CEO of Robbins Entertainment Group, a partner in the Cheer Channel, an online and syndicated entertainment and news network for the cheer and dance industry, and senior consultant for new business development for e-commerce specialists Jag Media, Inc. He has been an executive producer on more than 70 movies and numerous animated and live action series, including ‘Addams Family Reunion’, ‘Casper Meets Wendy’, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘Richie Rich’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Sweet Valley High’, ‘Earthquake in New York’, ‘The Menendez Brothers’,  ‘Dark Moon Rising’  ‘Moment of Truth’, ‘Au Pair’, ‘The Christmas List’, ‘Word of Honor’ and was the President of Saban Entertainment during its launch of the biggest kids franchise in television history, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’. He also produced 7 books from best-selling author Mary Higgens Clark for Lifetime Television, and his movies have aired on most every major broadcast or cable network, including Fox, TNT, ABC, CBS, Hallmark, and NBC. Robbins Entertainment Group has more than a dozen projects in development and production on both scripted and unscripted feature and television properties and for online digital networks, consulting for and partnering with major brands to create webseries and non-traditional commercial spots that engage consumers, increase sales and brand awareness.