Bell Flavors Launches New Line of Superfruit Flavors

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched a new line of superfruit flavors that are sure to excite your application needs. Meet our over achieving flavors, the superfruit flavors.

Bell’s line of superfruit flavors do a super job but don’t tell our other flavors, they tend to get really jealous. There have been many scientists who have studied the various health benefits that superfruits can provide, such as lower cholesterol, assist your immune system, even help with heightening your eyesight. They are called super because they add a level of ‘nutritional’ value by being an excellent source of all kinds of antioxidants, vitamins and other various minerals.*

No need to cast a light in the air, because these superfruits are out in full force in consumer products everywhere. Including applications like beverages, smoothies, candies, gums, dressings, sauces, and most commonly protein gummies.

fresh dragon fruit on white background.Most of Bell’s superfruit flavors are available in oil soluble and water soluble, with most being WONF or natural flavors, if that’s what your super side desires. We are always expanding our superfruit flavors, so ask for our newest developments.

“The new line of superfruit flavors gives product developers the ability to pick the desired variety of superfruit flavor to meet their creative needs. They can be used to deliver a characterizing flavor to a food or beverage, or provide great background character to almost any product,” Bell’s Director of Flavor Creative Services, Aaron Graham.

As common in other fruits, varietals in the superfruit category are expanding and becoming mainstream. Many berries are considered superfruits but they come from the same family of berries.

Some examples of Bell’s superfruit berries include:

 Elderberry: very sweet tart taste with earthy undertones

 Marionberry: somewhat tart flavor with traces of sweetness

 Maqui Berry: sweet and bursting with a combination of blackberries, blueberries,

grapes and watermelon

Other super fruits in the line include:

 Acai Berry

 Avocado

 Aronia Berry

 Bilberry

 Black Currant

 Blueberry

 Coconut Water

 Cranberry

 Dragon Fruit

 Kiwi

 Goji Berry

 Pomegranate

Bell is always expanding and developing new flavors to add to this line of superfruit flavors as they are discovered and used in food and beverage.