Nutrifresh Services Announces Purchase of 3rd Hiperbaric HPP Machine

NutriFresh Services, LLC (subsidiary of NJFS) announced today (11/17/2015) that the company has placed an order for its 3rd High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine. Additionally, the company announced the machine will be dedicated to its brand new, state-of-the-art co-packing facility that specializes in cold pressed, brewed, and blended juices. NutriFresh Service’s Edison facility will now provide Food and beverage manufacturers an ultra-convenient and local one-stop-shop access to the much-needed cold press juice manufacturing and High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology.

The recently completed co-packing and manufacturing facility, along with an annual HPP tolling capacity of over 100 million pounds, superior 3rd party logistics, and direct-to-consumer drop shipping capabilities, place NutriFresh at the forefront of the food and beverage production and distribution industry on the East Coast. The plant is conveniently located within NJFS’s refrigerated and frozen storage facility, just minutes from New York City, New Jersey ports, Newark airport, and the strategic Route 95, for easy transportation of product to the entire Tri-State area and beyond.


Guy Ironi, Chief Operating Officer of NutriFresh Services said, “We are thrilled. The new HPP machine will be placed right on our bottling line, which will allow us to capture maximum freshness with minimal or no product deterioration. This will completely change how manufacturers of fresh raw food can get products to market, safely and with real commercial scale.” He added, “With the new capabilities we have introduced, we fully expect NutriFresh Services to continue playing a pivotal role in the revolutionizing of the food and Beverage industries.”

David Vick, Director of manufacturing at NutriFresh Services, LLC, commented during the announcement, “It is exciting to be on the leading edge of the HPP revolution for cold-pressed juices and prepared foods. Our co-packing facility will be able to make cold-pressed juices like nowhere else in the country.”

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