Rexam Expands in Panama

CHICAGO – January 15, 2015 – Rexam, the global beverage can maker, announces that it has jointly with Envases Universales de Mexico (EUM), completed an investment in Envases Del Istmo SA (Endelis), a single line beverage can plant in Colón, Panama. Long term supply agreements have been secured with SABMiller and Florida Ice & Farm Company SA (FIFCO) whose affiliates previously owned the Endelis business.

Commenting on the transaction, Graham Chipchase, Rexam’s chief executive, said: “We are pleased to have jointly acquired the Endelis business in Panama and expanded our relationship with EUM. It is fully in line with our emerging markets strategy and complements our existing Central America footprint. The transaction positions us well to serve both our local and global customers in an exciting growth region.”

About Rexam

Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker. We are business partners to some of the world’s most famous and successful consumer brands. Our vision is to be the best beverage can maker in the world.

We have 55 can making plants in more than 20 countries and employ around 8,000 people. In 2013 our sales were in the region of $6.5 billion. Rexam’s ordinary shares are listed with the UK Listing Authority and trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol REX. Visit for further information.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Cumbee at Rexam (773) 399-3035.