DreamPak Unveils $3.1 Million Processing Expansion

NEW BERLIN, Wis. — DreamPak LLC, a leading developer and manufacturer of shelf-stable, liquid beverage and vitamin mixes, introduced an 11,000 square foot addition to its existing location in front of a crowd that included employees, the Waukesha County Business Alliance, and both state and local elected representatives.

“We are very proud to be part of the community of New Berlin and Waukesha County,” said Dr. Aly Gamay, President & CEO of DreamPak. “The current expansion will allow DreamPak to triple its capacity and add many jobs to the local economy”.

Paul Farrow, the county’s Executive, agreed: “When we look at Waukesha County, our goal is to constantly make it a great place to have families grow, but it’s also for businesses to grow. And so we’re excited to partner with you and do everything we can to help make that happen.”

Nearly five years ago, the company made the strategic decision to purchase the facility on Ryerson Road and make it the manufacturing headquarters. The processing expansion marks the culmination of three separate phases in which DreamPak transitioned its entire operation under one roof, starting with the front office administration followed by the installation of all filling equipment. The company has plans to continue developing its facility over the coming years. Currently less than half of the available 6-acre land has been developed.

DreamPak also expressed its gratitude to the Waukesha County Business Alliance for its support. “Our involvement in the WCBA over the past year has been an extraordinary experience. We have met dozens of fellow local businesses and gained tremendous knowledge as a direct result of the Alliance’s work”, said Dr. Gamay. “We look forward to collaborating more closely in the future”.

About DreamPak

At DreamPak, we have stayed true to the belief that liquid concentrates represent the future of the beverage and dietary supplement industries. This vision has allowed us to expand from a single-product contract manufacturing shop into a technology-driven, vertically-integrated operation serving a wide range of markets. Our leadership team is dedicated to continuing DreamPak’s tradition of breakthrough innovation for the benefit of all our partners and stakeholders. We believe that the market is prime for a major shift from traditional delivery formats such as ready-to-drink and powdered mixes, and we know that consumers in that space are Thirsty for Innovation.


About Dr. Aly Gamay

Dr. Aly Gamay, DreamPak’s founder and CEO, is a leading expert in food & beverage technology and holds several patents in the fields. After establishing Gamay Foods, the leading private label supplier of shelf-stable liquid cheese pouches for dinners in the US as well as Gamay Flavors, an innovative dairy flavor company, Dr. Gamay founded DreamPak in 2000 with a focus on liquid beverage concentrates. Most recently, he has pioneered innovations in liquid coffee, tea and dairy creamer technology. Dr. Gamay is passionate about disrupting stagnant markets by introducing food & beverage offerings that are enjoyable, affordable, and functional.

About Waukesha County

Our county, the state’s 3rd largest, is located in southeastern Wisconsin. It includes 37 municipalities within 576 square miles of suburban and rural areas. From beautiful park space and pristine lakes to exceptional roadways and renowned public safety infrastructure, Waukesha County government is a critical component to ensuring and maintaining the high quality of life that our residents expect and visitors enjoy.


About Waukesha County Business Alliance

As a private, member-driven organization, the Waukesha County Business Alliance has been the voice of business since 1918. With nearly 1,200 members, we have a broad and diverse membership representing everything from sole proprietorships to some of the largest employers in the region from a variety of industries. We work to strengthen the economy in the county through four pillars: advocate, develop, network and promote. You want to increase profits and drive success. We want to create an environment that enables you to do that. Let’s work together.