Nutrition 21’s Velositol Ingredient Powers Up MRI’s Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

PURCHASE, N.Y. — Nutrition 21, LLC (“Nutrition 21”), has announced that its clinically substantiated ingredient, Velositol, is now included in MRI’s newly launched Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate product. This new, premium protein product highlights its ability to boost muscle size and strength through enhanced muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Velositol, developed by Nutrition 21, is a patented, revolutionary ingredient, that when added to whey protein, plant protein or BCAA formulations, is designed to accelerate and boost MPS, a key factor for improved muscle growth and faster muscle recovery. Velositol also works to enhance insulinogenic function, which increases amino acid uptake, providing fuel for working muscles.

“At MRI, we’re always looking for ways to push the limits of sports nutrition by formulating cutting-edge products that deliver consumers the most effective and safest performance advantage,” said Eleanna Tan, brand leader of MRI. “In this instance, incorporating the breakthrough ingredient, Velositol, into our new Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate post-workout supplement has enabled us to provide consumers with a powerful, effective product that is backed with solid science and technology to truly maximize their results.”

In a randomized, double-blind, active-controlled clinical crossover study, Velositol was shown to increase MPS in subjects by 48% from baseline when combined with six grams of whey protein and exercise, as compared to a 24% increase seen with whey protein and exercise, alone. This observed increase in MPS is what enhances protein’s ability to boost muscle-building activity after exercise, and can lead to an increase in muscle size and strength.

“Consumers looking to get more out of their post-workout regimen and supplements, should look for the Velositol logo on quality protein products, such as MRI’s Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate,” said Jim Kahn, Vice President of Sales at Nutrition 21. Velositol is a uniquely efficacious ingredient that delivers clinically substantiated results. Consumer benefits shown to be directly linked to Velositol when combined with protein, include:

  • Significantly boosts MPS beyond protein alone (as measured by FSR)
  • Promotes leaner body composition
  • Doubles the power of protein on MPS vs. protein alone in a single dose*
  • Unlocks the potential of protein to enhance muscle-building activity after exercise

*In a double-blind, crossover clinical study participants were given a single dose of Velositol with 6 grams of protein or 6 grams of protein alone.

About Velositol

Velositol is a patented ingredient designed to double the effects of protein and exercise on muscle protein synthesis (MPS). When added to protein, Velositol’s novel complex rapidly stimulates insulin release and increases the muscle cell’s sensitivity to the insulin. This helps to safely increase insulin levels and enhance the body’s amino acid uptake, stimulating and boosting MPS. Velositol has received GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status at the recommended serving of 2 grams per day in protein drinks (including ready-to-drink and powder), meal replacement bars, energy and protein bars; with the consideration that these products can be taken up to three times a day. For more information on Velositol, please visit:

About Nutrition 21, LLC

Nutrition 21, a wholly owned subsidiary of JDS Therapeutics, is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. With many years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience, the Company’s scientific platform has created unique, patented products that are safe and clinically effective. Rigorous pre-clinical and clinical trials are a key part of its product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. Nutrition 21 currently holds over 100 domestic and international issued and pending patents for products. Many support unique claims associated with, among others, glucose metabolism, weight management, cognition, and sports nutrition. The Company is a developer and marketer of efficacious, high-value, clinically substantiated ingredients for dietary supplements, medical foods and beverages. Nutrition 21’s branded ingredients include: Velositol; Chromax chromium picolinate, with clinically substantiated benefits for glucose metabolism, weight management, and brain health; Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate, is clinically shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels supporting mental acuity/focus and sports nutrition. Nitric oxide is a key factor in promoting the relaxation of smooth muscle in blood vessels, increasing blood flow to working muscles. For more information, please visit: