GreenSeed Specializes in Sustainable Packaging Solutions for the Natural Food Products Category

Batavia, Ill.  GreenSeed is a contract-packaging operations and consultancy firm, servicing middle and large market CPG companies in the natural foods industry. They are seamlessly bridging the gap between manufacturer and consumer with their sustainable packaging solutions. Far more than just an outsourced packaging operation, GreenSeed brings a consultative approach to their clients’ packaging experience, accompanying them on their product’s journey from concept to end user.

GreenSeed operates 2 SQF III plants, offering all the vital certifications and quality controls to package organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and nut-free product categories. Their co-packing solutions are designed on an individual basis and result in large-scale solutions that include: single serve pouches, stand up resealable pouches, stick packs and can line capabilities.

The GreenSeed business model was strategic. They developed the first dedicated packaging operations company centered around solving the dynamic challenges of natural brands that needed to scale both domestically and internationally; with less impact on the environment. In addition to manufacturing, they consult with many of the leading  suppliers that are focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, and as a result have created a value chain that understands how to support green initiatives.

“We offer our clients service that goes above just taking in their bulk products, packaging them, and sending them throughout the different distribution channels. At the root of our business we are packaging advisors. Our leadership team down to our associates have deep and wide experiences solving CPCM challenges for the largest CPG brands globally. As a result, we have developed expertise on how to manage their most valuable asset: their brand,” said GreenSeed CEO David Gray. “Our manufacturing and technical services center on focused results like improved time to market, better operating processes, sourcing, and enhanced trials and design to impact top and bottom line initiatives.”

GreenSeed’s flexible packaging solutions include investing more in their people and packaging technology, with the goal to support today’s on-the-go buyer who wants their product to be healthy, delivered immediately, and in an easy-to-consume format that can be efficiently disposed of. GreenSeed has partnered with leading sustainable material consultants and film suppliers to develop right-sized packaging solutions. They analyze the most efficient recycling materials for leading CPG brands, and ensure they are on target with today’s rising ecommerce demands by producing scaled, abuse resistant packaging with seal integrity for a safe delivery.

Their consulting and manufacturing capabilities are backed by an expertise in CPG packaging trends. They maintain a constant pulse on the market’s shifting sands and have created a value chain of like-minded

GreenSeed Product Overview

GreenSeed capabilities extend from co-pack, within their own packaging facilities, to managing clients’ facilities, to consulting on suppliers that focus on environmental sustainability. Their value-chain of like-minded supply chains helps support existing and new innovation. Because they offer a highly-customizable product, the depicted packaging renderings serve as a starting point for ideation.

About GreenSeed

GreenSeed contract packaging manages packaging operations for large and middle market CPG manufacturers passionate about natural and healthy foods. Their track record for meeting product launch dates is 100 percent. As an industry thought leader, GreenSeed collaborates with sustainable, leading-edge suppliers to create evolutionary, sustainable packaging solutions for today’s discerning manufacturer.  They were named one of the “Fastest Growing Packaging Companies,” by Packing Strategies News in 2015. GreenSeed works with companies whose business mission, values, allergen and product requirements’ time to market schedules align with their capabilities.

For more information, visit GreenSeed online, For media inquiries, contact Christina Madrid at Christie & Co,, by phone (805) 576-7102 and/or email

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