Extract Consultants Launches New Powdered Terpenes Line

DENVER, Colo. – Extract Consultants, the premier provider of terpenes and flavors, announced an innovative, powdered line of terpenes – water-soluble technology meant to enhance the experience of beverages. This latest offering from Extract Consultants makes it possible to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of terpenes into a broad list of beverage applications.

“Our team’s tireless research and testing has led us to proving this exciting new technology, said Extract Consultants President Maxwell Brown. “We’re constantly looking for ways to bring the proven benefits of terpenes to new products, and this powdered line opens up so many new avenues.”

Extract Consultants new powdered terpene blends are created from 100% legal botanical sources and are designed to mimic the terpene profiles of a myriad of cannabis cultivars. The big advantage of the Extract Consultants’ Powdered Terpenes is that they are both water soluble and powdered, making them ideal for beverage and dry mix products alike. With this new terpene offering, Extract Consultants is seeking to expand the reach of terpenes to functional and health beverages – everything from energy drinks, wellness drinks, teas, sparkling waters, CBD cocktails and more – truly opening the integration of terpenes to all types of beverages.

Extract Consultants’ powdered terpene blends are meant to enhance the experience of the product they are added to – enabling the drink maker to integrate aromas, flavors, and effects of terpenes into their creations. These blends come in readily dissolvable dry powder format to suit a wide array of product applications, including bottled and canned beverages, instant beverages, nutraceuticals, tablets, confections and even pet food.

All of Extract Consultants’ powdered terpene blends are all natural, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, solvent-free and food grade certified. The blends are formulated using the highest quality isolated terpenes and are produced to exacting standards in an easy-to-use powdered form.

For more information on the latest from Extract Consultants Powered Terpenes, please visit powdered-terpenes.extractconsultants.com.

About Extract Consultants

Extract Consultants is the premier provider of terpenes, flavors and effects blends specifically designed for the cannabis and hemp industries. With a team of internationally renowned chemists and formulators and facilities that house the most advanced processing equipment in the essential oil and flavor industries, Extract Consultants is dedicated to the continual exploration of terpene and flavor technology. For more information, please visit extractconsultants.com.

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