The Flow: Interview with Vuka Team; New BevNET Live Panel


  • Honest Tea launched its new blend, Heavenly Lemon Tulsi, at Natural Products Expo East 2010. It also announced that all of its varieties of bottled teas will be Fair Trade Certified in 2011. Link
  • BevNET recently interviewed Darian and Alexia Bregman – the team behind Vuka. The couple discussed the company and recent developments including taking on the Colorado market and the beverage's introduction to Safeway stores. Link
  • Eric Skae, the CEO of New Leaf Tea, and Dayton Miller, the president of Function Drinks, will be participating in a unique entrepreneurs’ panel during the upcoming BevNET Live event. Link
  • Beverage companies make efforts to support health claims in the wake of the POM/FTC case. Link


  • It's official – the 2010 NACS convention attracted 21,983 attendees with 1,328 from overseas. This year, 330 companies exhibited for the first time and the entire trade show floor covered more than 370,000 square feet. Link


  • Coca-Cola has launched Vitaminwater stur-D, which contains vitamin D. The beverage will be available starting in December and is a blue agave/passionfruit/citrus flavored blend. Link
  • Attitude Drinks has launched the newest flavor of its Phase III recovery drink line, Phase III Vanilla. Link
  • Champ Cherry soda is now available in 12 oz. longneck glass bottles and in Bag N Box formats. Link
  • GURU has launched the all-natural energy drink, GURU 2.0. It will be available in health stores across the US, as well as on and on the website. Link


  • Alliance Beverage Partners has signed a distribution contract with Roaring Lion Energy Drink for the Northern Los Angeles and Southern Ventura Counties Link
  • Bonadea has partnered with the distributors Energized Distribution and Tony’s Fine Foods to move the product out through California. Link
  • Celsius has partnered with Europa Sports to deliver Celsius to health and fitness facilities throughout the country. Link


  • A recent article in AG Weekly highlighted Dairy Management Inc's push to get more school-age children drinking milk with its “Fuel Up to Play 60” program. The initiative enlisted the NFL to promote milk as a healthy energy source and snack. Link
  • Reuters recently ran a piece in which analysts weighed in on how a spike in corn prices may affect both the food and beverage industries. Link


  • The second Sprite Refresh Your School Playground Sweepstakes will give away $25,000 to two U.S. schools to help them build a new playground. To be eligible, schools must be in the My Coke Rewards program and the event runs until November 30. Link
  • Individuals from the Wounded Warrior Project and their families are teaming up with some Coca-Cola representatives – namely Robert Chambless, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Coca-Cola Consolidated – to participate in the Soldier Ride across the Carolinas on October 15 and 16. Link


  • A new study just presented at the Obesity Society’s 28th Annual Scientific Meeting found that fructose containing sweeteners (sugar, high fructose corn syrup) do not uniquely contribute to obesity when consumed as part of a healthy weight maintenance diet. Link
  • A study published in Nutrition Journal suggests that imbibing vegetable juice can be an effective way to help more adults increase their daily vegetable intake. Link


  • The national fitness chain RetroFitness has signed a three-year preferred beverage agreement with Coca-Cola. This means the company will be the dominant supplier, bringing Vitaminwater, Vitaminwater Zero, Dasani, PowerAde, PowerAde Zero, Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, as well as energy drinks to RetroFitness. Link
  • BeBevCo has partnered with Kansas-based entreprenuer Eric Srack in order to distribute Unwind in select locations across the state. Link


  • Fair Trade Certified product sales in nationwide grocery stores increased by 30 percent this year, to $140 million, according to data from SPINS. Sales of RTD teas and coffees grew by 51 percent. Additionally, sales of refrigerated juices & functional beverages grew by98 percent and carbonated beverages reported a 38 percent sales jump. Link


  • Pyure Brands, LLC has launched the line extension, PyureOrganic. The new sweetner is an organic-certified stevia extract. Link
  • KeepWell Foods LLC has officially launched as a privately-owned nutritional food and beverage manufacturing company. Link


  • A recent article in the U.K. newspaper, The Independent, examined the new trend towards fewer ingredients in both foods and beverages. In particular, the piece focused on the reformulated Sierra Mist Link
  • A line of limited-edition Diet Coke bottles are being sold in the London, England, store Selfridges. The bottles were designed by Johnny Rocket and feature Swarovski elements. Link


  • Chuck Frizzell has joined Intervolve as Director of Wholesaler Best Practices. He comes to the company with experience in several leadership roles in the areas of e-commerce and warehouse management systems for Anheuser-Busch. Link


  • According to CNET, the Red Bull-sponsored supersonic freefall project has been put on hold due to a "multimillion dollar lawsuit" filed by another individual claiming rights to the project. Felix Baumgartner was going to parachute from 120,000 feet and break the sound barrier during the jump. Link
  • According to Natural Products Marketplace, liquid nutritional supplements are one way that busy consumers can imbibe the vitamins and minerals they need. An article on the organization's website recently spoke with industry professionals about how their liquid supplements are right for more busy lifestyles and the faster pace of the holidays. Link