The Flow: Activate interview; RelaxZen management split; FRS


  • Video: Interview with Dan Holland, CEO of Activate Drinks. Watch Holland talk about the recent money raise, expansion, their target consumer, the Activate cap, and more. Link
  • Management Split at RelaxZen. CEO and co-founder Nick West resigns. Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, the other co-founder, moves into the CEO role. Read article for full details. Link
  • Video: BEVNET LIVE: Watch the videos of our "LIVE REVIEW PANEL." Three brands, Bonadea, Taylor's Tonics, and Assure present their brand to our panel of experts. Oh, and we're already accepting submissions for brands who wish to present at BevNET Live Summer 11. See article for details. Link
  • Energy drink marketer FRS has signed NFL quarterback and college football legend Tim Tebow to a significant marketing deal. Link
  • SAVE THE DATE: BevNET Live Summer 11, June 6 & 7, 2011 at the Sheraton Tower NYC. Program details coming soon.


  • Code Blue Recovery Drink is now available in Whole Foods Market Stores throughout New York City. Link
  • Bossa Nova products have been certified organic. The acai juice brand will hit the shelves with new labels in early 2011. Link
  • Hain Celestial is, according to Beverage Business Insights, reintroducing their kombucha line, starting in the Rocky Mountain region serviced by UNFI.


  • BeBevCo bulks up distribution of Koma Unwind chillaxation drink in North Carolina. Link


  • Juice Wars: Coke and Pepsi in OJ Joust. Link


  • House passes overhaul of current food safety laws. Link


  • Gatorade hopes to reinvent itself as a 'nutrition drink.' Link
  • Acai Roots, announced it has recently partnered with NPO "Espaco Novo Ser." The company is an official sponsor of the Institute's 2011 summer project "Beach for All." Link
  • FRS Healthy Energy hopes to get New Yorkers on the right track for 2011 with interactive elements that promote fitness, support charity, and endorse an overall healthy lifestyle. Link


  • A recent study conducted at an urban pediatric clinic dissects childhood caffeine consumption. Link
  • Tea may block effects of high-fat diet, according to a study reported by Link
  • 10 food and beverage trends that shaped 2010, according to Packaged Facts. Link


  • Sensient Flavors has expanded its global extraction capabilities — including the previously named Templar line of high-performance natural botanical extracts — into a new product platform called Sensient Natural Origins. Link
  • Packaging design comes to life with PackTV, a new WebTV Channel aimed at packaging professionals, retailers and brands. Link
  • Sensient Flavors has announced its flavor trend predictions for 2011. Link


  • Activate Drinks adds Jesse Merrill, who was previously VP of Marketing for Honest Tea.


  • Busted for selling Four Loko online. Really? Link
  • Drank has published the Top Ten reasons to "Slow Your Roll" this holiday season. Link