The Flow: No Tata for Nooyi; More New Leaf Distrib


  • PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has dispelled rumors that she will leave her current position to become the chairman of the Tata Group. In a recent statement, she explained that she “loves” her job with PepsiCo. Link
  • New Leaf Brands has added 17 new distributors throughout the state of California as part of their agreement with Coast Brands Group. New Leaf Brands’ 11 tea flavors will be sold at approximately 25,000 retail outlets across the state. Link


  • EYL Beverages will launch DeFlash in December 2010. The beverage is intended to help ease some of the symptoms women experience when going through menopause. Link
  • Starbucks will begin selling flavored varieties of its VIA Ready Brew instant coffee sachets in U.S. and Canadian stores beginning in the fall. The new flavors are Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel and Cinnamon Spice. Link
  • ABB Performance has added the new Twisted Lime flavor to its line of Speed Shot energy drinks. Link
  • Tropicana has launched its new, low-calorie Trop50 Farmstand Apple Juice. The beverage has 50 percent less sugar and calories than regular juice. Link
  • Q-TONIC tonic water will be featured at Williams Sonoma stores through the months of September and October across the U.S. Link
  • Newman’s Own Lemonade is introducing a pomegranate variety. Link


  • Afterparty has signed a new distribution deal with the Pacific Northwest distributor, SK Distribution. Link
  • Gladiator Beverages has partnered with Fusion Premium Beverages – a division of Bond Laboratories – to distribute the anti-hangover beverage Resurrection in the New York metro area and Long Island. Link


  • According to an article in the New York Times, 8th Continent soymilk is set to take on Silk, particularly in select New York metro area markets. In a new ad campaign, the company is targeting mothers and emphasizing its family roots. Link
  • An article in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution examined how energy drinks have widened their audience from teens to 30-something office workers. The piece took a look at how, in the wake of decreased sales, the big companies (Coke/Pepsi) are revamping their beverages to attract new consumers. Link


  • Fruit2O has declared the Cincinnati market of the American Diabetes Association the winner of its Small Changes>Lifelong Results campaign. Link


  • Heartland Sweeteners was recently named as one of Indiana’s “Companies to Watch.” It produces calorie-free sweeteners Ideal and Nevella. Link
  • Reed’s Inc has started producing swing-top bottled beverages from its bottling factory in Los Angeles. The plant is the only one that has the correct equipment to run swing-top bottled beverages in North America. Link


  • The Norwegian company Smartfish has developed the beverage Smartfish Medical with essential omega 3 nutrients – 1100mg of DHA and EPA – to be targeted at potentially malnourished elderly individuals. The drink will be marketed and distributed in Denmark, Sweden and Finland by Vitaflo Scandinavia and in Norway by Smartfish. Link
  • Japan’s Asahi Breweries Ltd. has purchased the Australian-based P&N Beverages for $322 million U.S. dollars, according to Reuters. This makes P&N Beverages Australia’s second largest soft drinks manufacturer. Link


  • XYIENCE has named Jeff Lobus as its new Southeast Regional Sales Manager. He brings 20 years of beverage industry experience to the company, with positions as a director of national accounts for Glaceau. Link


  • Harris Tea Co. will start using their first solar panel array to power on of their two buildings in Anaheim, California, starting on August 31, 2010. The company estimates that the environmentally-friendly power source will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tons annually. Link
  • In order to stay in shape while touring, Lady Gaga drinks coconut water as part of her diet, according to Link