Gallery: March’s New Products

Winter finally came to a close this month and beverage brands are looking forward to warmer weather, with new watermelon flavors from SUNNYD, LaCroix and Jones Soda, and a new light lemonade line from Calypso. Check out the gallery for notable March releases, including the latest functional shot from More Labs and caffeinated releases from Brew Dr and Daytrip.

Taste Radio Ep. 207: How This Challenger Brand Is Beating The Giants At Their Own Game

David Lester and Ben Goodwin, co-founders of Olipop, explained why they believe creating a better-for-you soda brand was the “most impactful thing” they could do, how package design fuels trial, why educating consumers about the products’ health benefits is not a priority and lessons from their first experience as beverage entrepreneurs.

Review: BLNCD CBD Sparkling Water

BLNCD is a line of terpene-enhanced CBD flavored sparkling water beverages. The products, which are packaged in 12 oz. cans, come in three varieties -- Balance, Chill and Bliss -- and contain 0 calories and 25mg of CBD.

WATCH: Bob Burke On Managing Employees and Resources Through A Crisis

In a conversation with BevNET managing editor Martin Caballero, veteran natural CPG consultant Bob Burke, principal at Natural Products Consulting LLC, offered his insights and perspectives on how brands can manage their teams, relationships and finances to both survive this trying period and to thrive at its conclusion.

COVID-19 Data Dive: Grocery, Cannabis Sales Surge as Consumers Stockpile

As COVID-19 rapidly transforms consumer behavior, data firms are closely monitoring patterns to help predict an uncertain journey ahead. In a report last week, research firm IRI explored current consumer behavior and trends from past economic downturns, along with spending across markets.

FDA/USDA: Label Guidelines Loosened, ‘Essential’ Services Clarified

As many foodservice operations cease or dramatically reduce their footprint, food products originally produced and packaged for restaurants, hotels, schools and other establishments are being rerouted to retailers and wholesalers. But before feeding the surging demand in stores, they need labels that are approved for these new channels.

Taste Radio Insider Ep. 78: The ‘Reason’ Behind This Once In A Generation Opportunity

Hilary McCain, founder/CEO of CBD-infused sparkling water brand Sweet Reason, spoke about attempting to own a distinct message about the benefits of CBD, strategizing amid an uncertain cannabis regulatory environment and how she convinced Lerer Hippeau, an early-stage venture capital fund notable for early investments in Warby Parker and Casper, to invest in the brand.

Bend, Don’t Break: Small Brands Plans Change with Coronavirus

While many established companies are bearing up under the storm thus far, small entrepreneurial brands, from early stage startups to regional players, who often have less distribution to start, are feeling the pain from retail disruptions. However, amidst lost supermarket sales or cancelled expansion plans, online is providing a possible bright spot for these brands.

WATCH: Betsy McGinn Advises on Amazon Tactics During COVID-19

The increased demand for products through online sellers like Amazon means that brands need to shift tactics -- something that’s hard to do during a crisis; Betsy McGinn sat for a video interview with Jeff Klineman, BevNET’s editor-in-chief, to provide important advice on how brands should approach their Amazon and broader e-comm strategies as consumer behavior takes a disruptive turn to online food and beverage purchasing.

Elevator Talk Livestream Round 4: Suja, Poppi, Daily Greens

We're back for a 60 minute livestream today, March 26th. The fourth round of food and beverage brands includes Suja, Coolhaus, Poppi, Cappello's, and Tempo. As a special treat this week, we also have Darren Rovell, who is a Partner at Tastemaker Capital and former ESPN reporter, weighing in on the brands and providing feedback.

Distributors, Retailers Seek to Add Labor, While Foodservice Declines

Even as the coronavirus has ground most of the U.S. economy to a near stop, food and beverage suppliers and retailers — deemed an essential business by state and federal governments — are running at full speed, and looking to expand.

Jones Soda: 7-Eleven Declines Drag on Q4, Full Year Revenue

Jones Soda reported revenue and gross profit declines during its Q4 and full year 2019 earnings report, released yesterday, driven by a 9% drop in its fountain business as the result of a decrease in the brand’s 7-Eleven store count. The Seattle-based craft soda maker reported $11.5 million in full year revenue, down 6% from $12.6 million the year before.

Watch: Adnan Durrani on Saffron Road’s Crisis Playbook

In a video call with BevNET editor-in-chief Jeff Klineman, Adnan Durrani, the CEO of American Halal, the maker of the Saffron Road line of meals and snacks, gave strategic insight into the challenges of operating a large food and beverage company during these chaotic times.