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Review: BeforeYouSpeak Coffee RTD

Posted: Jun 03, 2020 at 4:06 PM (Last Updated: Jun 04, 2020 at 11:40 AM)
BeforeYouSpeak Coffee RTD

Covers Products: Cold Press High Performance Coffee - Double Shot

BeforeYouSpeak is a company that produces functional coffee products, which, up until recently, were only available in instant form. Now, the company has ventured into the RTD space with this product, an 11.2 ounce cold-pressed coffee enhanced with functional ingredients. The company recently announced the addition of a caramel flavored SKU on their official Instagram page.

These functional ingredients include MCT oil, ginseng, turmeric, black pepper and green coffee beans. The product also has 200 mg of caffeine per can and as such is labeled as a “Double Shot.” Thanks to the lack of added sweeteners, the product has 45 calories per can. 

At its base, BeforeYouSpeak is a shelf-stable “cold-pressed coffee.” The coffee flavor is quite good, smooth from start to finish with a slight spice accent to it, perhaps from the turmeric and pepper.

On the outside, the slim 11.2 ounce can has a black paint job with gold and white used for the elements on the can. While it’s mostly hierarchically correct in terms of how it starts at the top with the brand, the SKU name, and the key ingredients (the one thing out of order is the “Double Shot” callout at the bottom), it’s a very busy design that takes some effort to figure out.

To relieve or eliminate this, we have a couple of suggestions. First, we think they need to make the logo larger and “COLD PRESS” smaller so that it’s clear that BeforeYouSpeak is the brand name. That being said, “cold press” isn’t something that a consumer is naturally going to understand in the context of coffee and it probably shouldn’t get top billing.

Second, we think there needs to be a prominent and concise description of the product. There’s clearly a challenge of being able to encapsulate all of the ingredients in this product, but we think the “Infused with” box could be reduced to a smaller size. This would leave room at the top to add something concise that can hopefully lure the consumer. 

Overall, BeforeYouSpeak’s first RTD effort is definitely a good one, both in terms of its flavor and the ingredients. While overall we like the overall black, gold, and white aesthetic, there’s still some work to be done to figure out how to best communicate the product.

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