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Review: Juice Served Here Lemonades: A Nice Balance of Familiar and Innovation

Posted: Mar 22, 2016 at 11:14 AM (Last Updated: Mar 28, 2016 at 3:11 PM)
Juice Served Here Lemonades: A Nice Balance of Familiar and Innovation

Covers Products: Aloe, Charcoal, Ginger, Jalapeno, Berry, Turmeric Tangerine, Strawberry

Juice Served Here, a Los Angeles-based cold-pressed juice manufacturer and retailer,  has introduced this line of Lemonades for Spring, 2016. The products will have an suggested retail price of $6 and be sold at a variety of retail locations, including the company’s own stores. 

For a company that has established itself by selling high-end, premium-priced raw juices in glass bottles, we think expansion into more mainstream offerings makes sense. And, really, what's more mainstream than a line of lemonades?

Of course these aren't just any old lemonades: The products are cold-pressed and high pressure processed (HPP) and come in a range of unique flavors, including jalapeno, charcoal, and aloe. From a taste perspective, the most traditional and  basic of the bunch is the Ginger variety. It's made with alkaline water, lemons, agave, and ginger. The flavor is bold and bright and is a nice translation of freshly made lemonade. We really enjoyed the sweet and tangy lemon flavor, which is complemented nicely by a moderate amount of ginger spice. The end result is something that’s flavorful, thirst quenching, balanced, and clean. Along with the Berry, Strawberry, and Turmeric Tangerine flavors, there are certainly some mainstream crowd-pleaser formulations in this lineup. Each one is definitely a step above what is typically found in a shelf-stable lemonade in terms of both its freshness and fruit flavor. However, the flavors of these particular varieties are all relatively the same experience in that the fruit flavors have relatively subtle differences.

The highlights of the line are the other three flavors: Jalapeno, Charcoal, and Aloe. These varieties are more unique and assertive, and are innovative takes on what a lemonade can be.  If you're a fan of spice, the Jalapeno variety is a great place to start. The base lemonade flavor is on point, but the fresh and intense Jalapeno is what makes this product, which seems perfectly suited for drinking straight as well as for being used as a mixer. The Charcoal offering, which features almost completely black liquid, has a mild, nutty flavor from the activated charcoal (which is derived from coconuts). The aloe variety is the most unique and complex tasting flavor of the line, with alkaline water, lemons, aloe, agave, lime, and chlorophyll. The liquid has a greenish black hue, which, despite lacking visual appeal, hints that this product is loaded with flavor. The lime and the aloe combine to create something that is tart but cooling on the tongue, while the chlorophyll gives it a somewhat earthy or grassy note. 

From a nutritional perspective, these products are definitely a little bit different than Juice Served Here’s flagship line. Specifically, they are relatively low in juice content (12-18%)  and they all have added sweetener in the form of agave. As a result, all of the products have between 100 and 180 calories per bottle and 24 - 40 grams of sugar.   

Packaging is a 15 oz. plastic bottle that is the same shape as the company’s other offerings. They’ve given the product a black cap and label, which, purely from a design perspective, is eye catching and appealing. However, we have two points of constructive criticism. First, the brand name isn’t prominent. It’s very small and, unless you are already familiar with Juice Served Here, easy to miss. Second, the word “Lemonade” isn’t readable on several of the flavors due to their use of an accent color that’s too close to the black. Otherwise, we really like the look of the product.

Overall, Juice Served Here’s Lemonades are a nice foray into a very mainstream category. While some of the flavors stand out more  than others, we appreciate the fact that they’ve brought both familiar flavors and some real innovation to the line.

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