Review: Lemon Perfect.

Posted: Apr 30, 2019 at 8:35 AM (Last Updated: May 30, 2019 at 3:05 PM)

Covers Products: Just Lemon, Dragon Fruit Mango, Peach Raspberry, Blueberry Açaí , Strawberry Açaí

Lemon Perfect is a line of USDA certified organic cold-pressed lemon water beverages that utilize high pressure processing (HPP), contain only 5 calories per 12 oz. bottle, and are sweetened with a blend of erythritol and stevia.

The initial Lemon Perfect lineup features five flavors: Just Lemon, Strawberry Acai, Blueberry Acai, Peach Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Mango. The products are made with water, organic cold-pressed lemon juice (5% juice -- or “half an organic lemon” as the label states), organic flavors, ascorbic acid, and the previously mentioned sweeteners.

From a taste perspective, Lemon Perfect has certainly succeeded with regards to how they are utilizing stevia and erythritol. The products have a full calorie level of sweetness and minimal aftertaste, which is exactly what they appear to be after. These are definitely some of the better sugar free products that we’ve sampled.

Otherwise, “lemon water” is really lemonade and Lemon Perfect is a nicely executed version of the summertime classic. The Just Lemon variety, which is, as the name states, just flavored with lemon, is the cleanest and purest tasting of the bunch. It’s the most crushable and enjoyable of the offerings and definitely the star of the show.

As for the other flavors, which rely exclusively on flavoring for their added fruit flavors, we feel as though there’s some work to be done. Having flavors compete with the lemon juice is tough and the brand’s choice of complex flavors feels very much against the grain of what the core product is all about. We wonder if simplifying (e.g. strawberry instead of strawberry acai) or using classic lemonade flavors (e.g. mint) would help. Then again, using a bit of additional juice or essences might make more sense for a product that’s also features cold-pressed juice.

In terms of branding and design, Lemon Perfect is polished, eye-catching, and has the vibe of an established player rather than a startup. The bottle, which is one that might look familiar from the cold-pressed juice set, has a yellow cap (to go with lemon, we assume) and a matte finish label that features a different background color for each flavor. The front panel features a large vertically oriented Lemon Perfect logo in white font with clean and concise label copy below it. The end result is something that is very much appealing to the senses as a lemonade beverage.

The only part about Lemon Perfect that seems slightly amiss is the “superfruit” component of the drink, which we are assuming refers to the lemon. It’s opening the door for the consumer to think about functionality that doesn’t seem to have much meat to it; there’s nothing on the bottle to quantify or further explain this and it has a pretty empty nutritional panel. Further confusing this are that some of the flavors, such as acai, are also superfruits but are derived from flavorings and likely lack the benefits of the real thing.

From our perspective, what Lemon Perfect delivers -- and delivers extremely well --  is low calorie crowd-pleasing refreshment in a cool, modern looking package. The pretense of superfruit functionality, however, feels like more of a halo effect rather than something with real substance or efficacy, so we’d love to see the brand either dial this up or move it further into the background. Otherwise, Lemon Perfect feels like it fills some white space with a  beverage that doesn’t compromise much in terms of flavor to achieve its low calorie and zero sugar status.

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