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by Mojo Cold Brewed Coffee, Inc

Review: MOJO Cold Brew

Posted: Sep 12, 2016 at 8:02 AM (Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 at 9:38 AM)
MOJO Cold Brew

Covers Products: Cold Brew Coffee Drink - Black Magic, Cold Brew Coffee Drink - Original , Cold Brew Coffee Drink - Unsweetened

MOJO is a Boston area-based company that has been around since 2011. The company started out peddling cold-brew with a highly perishable product that was packaged in glass dairy bottles. Recently, Mojo made a big leap forward with the launch of this offering, a three-SKU line that uses high pressure processing (HPP).

As we’ve mentioned many times, there are a lot of cold brew coffees out there and the consumer is faced with an ever increasing number of options. MOJO has attempted to combat that in two ways. First, by offering three varieties in single, rather than multi-serve form. Second, developing a brand that catches the eye and is attractive. But let’s break this down a bit:

The product varieties, which include Black Magic, Original, and Unsweetened, stay focused on the standard ways to consume cold-brew coffee. They haven’t added any flavorings, which will please the serious coffee drinkers out there, and you essentially have straight, with milk, and with milk and sugar varieties. However, with only 16g of sugar per bottle, even the sweetened offering, Original, isn’t all that sweet. Again, we think that this should keep serious coffee drinkers -- and anyone looking for an authentic coffee house experience -- happy. Otherwise, all three of the products are bold and smooth in their finish, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from any good cold-brew coffee offering. That being said, they are all more than worthy offerings.

Moving on to the packaging, the labels, which feature large red letters spelling out MOJO, are among the product’s stronger assets. We’re usually not overly fond of vertical lettering, but given the shortness of the name, we think it works quite well and does a nice job of catching the eye. While “MOJO” doesn’t exactly scream cold-brew, it sort of fits with the vibe of a highly caffeinated product (it has 190 mg per bottle). It’s nice looking, easy to read, and helps set the stage for the high quality liquid inside the bottle.

Putting this all together, we feel as though MOJO has done a solid job of creating something that will stand out from the sea of dark brown bottles that currently makes up the majority of the category. And once they get a consumer to pick it up and try it, we do not think they’ll be disappointed. Still, if it’s going far and wide that they are after -- or simply really deep in their home market of New England -- MOJO will need a strategy, both with the product line and sales execution, to dig in and carve out space from the existing players that are in the category.

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