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Review: Recess Adds New Flavors

Posted: May 27, 2020 at 1:25 PM (Last Updated: May 29, 2020 at 9:13 AM)
Recess Adds New Flavors

Covers Products: Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Coconut Lime

As discussed in a recent interview with CEO Benjamin Witte, Recess is expanding its line of CBD enhanced sparkling beverages to include flavors that target a mainstream audience. Today we’re taking a look at the three latest SKUs: Black Cherry, Blood Orange and Coconut Lime. 

Following the same format as the rest of the Recess lineup, these SKUs are packaged in 12 ounce cans and feature 15-20 calories and 0 grams of added sugar per can (monk fruit is the sweetener they use). Functional ingredients include broad spectrum hemp extract (10 mg of CBD), L-theanine, lemon balm powder and panax ginseng. 

Each of the three varieties starts with an herbal fruit tea infusion and a touch of fruit juice, along with natural flavors. The end products are straightforward and true to the flavor name in terms of how they taste. 

They also have an added depth that you won’t find in a traditional flavored sparkling water. This is especially true in Blood Orange, which is made with orange zest, orange oil, and blood orange, orange, and pear juices. We’d say the same, although to a slightly lesser extent, for Coconut Lime and Black Cherry. Both of these products have loads of flavor. 

There is a touch of sweetness to these products, but it’s really light and complementary rather than something that’s fighting with the drink’s flavoring. There’s no aftertaste, which is also a plus.

Visually, these use the same label format as the brand’s other products. There’s a shrink sleeve label with a matte finish and the design aesthetic is decidedly minimalist. We love how the Recess logo feels subtle but also has some visual pop to it thanks to the generous amount of space above and below it. 

However, we do wonder if the flavor name should be a bit larger, especially now that the brand has expanded in terms of the number of SKUs. This would help, especially from afar, in allowing the consumer to quickly identify which flavor is which.

Still, this doesn’t take away from our overall feeling on the Recess brand. It’s a slick, modern, and cool looking brand that we think captures the essence of the liquid that’s inside the can. 

Overall, Recess has definitely achieved its goal of creating flavors that appeal to mainstream palates. These are the brand’s best flavors to date.

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