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Review: Sail Away Cold Brew

Posted: Jun 29, 2017 at 5:05 PM (Last Updated: Jun 30, 2017 at 2:31 PM)

Covers Products: Cold Brew Sweetened, Cold Brew Unsweetened

Sail Away Coffee Co. is a Long Island, New York based company that sells cold brew coffee that is currently available in two varieties: Unsweetened and Sweetened.

The products, which are processed with sterile filtration and require refrigeration, are produced using a 24 hour cold-brewing process. The result is something that’s extremely smooth. It’s strong, but not bitter, which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from any premium cold brew coffee out there. The Sweetened variety adds 6 g of sugar (per bottle), which results in a very mild level of sweetness and only a somewhat slight difference over the Unsweetened. But in both cases, these are some really tasty and well-executed cold brews.

For the packaging, the company utilizes a 10 oz. plastic bottle. It’s the same style bottle that can be found on many high pressure processed juice and coffee products. With the majority of cold brew products still going into amber glass or cans, this is a reasonable way to offer packaging differentiation.

From there, they’ve done a really nice job with the label design. The label is black and white and utilizes illustrated text and logo. The illustrations are really well done, giving off a vibe of polish and cleanliness throughout the label. To differentiate the two varieties, they’ve added a callout across the middle of the bottle. It catches the eye and is easy to read, so we do not think that there will be any confusion across the flavors.

Finally, we have to consider something that we look at with all products entering the crowded cold brew space: differentiation. In the case of this product, Sail Away is taking a page from the cold brew playbook that many other brands have taken. The product is dairy and flavor free, but they do offer sweetened and unsweetened varieties, which is slightly less common.

While we’re not sure that this approach is better than the others, we are sure of this: Sail Away has done a nice job crafting some tasty coffee and a developing a slick looking bottle. There’s certainly some room to make the product better and more competitive -- going USDA Organic, for example -- but this seems like a great starting point for the brand.

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